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Research and Development

Research helps us develop new treatments, understand and prevent illnesses, and improve our patient’s quality of life.

We’re involved in a number of research projects in areas such as mental health, dementia, diabetes, sexual health, COPD and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In 2021/22 1,718 people participated in our research, and our 2020/21 national Participant Research Experience Survey results indicated that 94% would consider taking part in research again.

Get involved in our research studies

You can find more information about our latest studies and how to get involved on our website.

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Contact us

Research and Development
Psychology Department
Berkshire Memory and Cognition Research Centre 
Harry Pitt Building, Earley Gate
Whiteknights Road
University of Reading
RG6 7BE  

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk 

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Our research performance

We are one of the most research active Mental Health and Community Trusts in England. This means we offer a greater number of opportunities to high quality research projects to our patients and staff members compared to other similar Trusts.

View our 2019/20 R&D annual report (pdf)

View our 2020/21 R&D annual report (pdf)

View our 2021/22 R&D annual report (pdf)

View our 2022/23 R&D annual report - coming soon 

We regularly publish information about our performance in initiating clinical trials (how quickly we get clinical trials up and running) and delivering commercial clinical trials to time and target. Our reports are published on the National Institute of Research (NIHR) website.

Visit the National Institute of Research (NIHR) website to see our reports (opens new browser tab)