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Our Governors

Our Governors are elected to help shape your healthcare and to hold our non-executives to account for the performance of our Board of Directors.

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You can contact our governors through our Company Secretary, Julie Hill. 

Phone number  01344 415 626

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Linda Berry

Linda Berry

Publicly elected in Bracknell

With 26 years working in the NHS (and many close family members in other NHS roles), Linda naturally had an interest and wanted to use my experience. I’ve been a governor for six years and have been able to give support in human resource matters.

Profile picture of Pat Rodgers

Pat Rodgers

Publicly elected in Bracknell

After 20 years working as a Medical Secretary in the Mental Health Department at Heatherwood Hospital, Pat has become actively involved in a local Alzheimer’s Charity. As a governor, she hopes to act as a voice for both patients and their carers.

Keith Asser

Keith Asser

Publicly elected in Reading

As a lifelong survivor of mental illness, I’ve always been determined to facilitate improvement in the care of others. As a Public Governor I hope to encourage more 'joined up' provision for those experiencing both mental and physical health issues.

Profile picture of Tom Lake

Tom Lake

Publicly elected in Reading

As a public governor for Reading I want to help Berkshire Healthcare understand and work for local people, and help increase local understanding of what it can offer. I actively support patient engagement through South Reading Patient Voice.

Profile picture of Paul Myerscough

Paul Myerscough

Publicly elected in Reading

Paul became a governor in 2014 to contribute towards finding ways for us to deliver more for a lower cost. He's working towards helping us achieve our higher level goals without ever losing focus on our patients.

Profile picture of Ruffat Ali-Noor

Ruffat Ali-Noor

Publicly elected in Slough

I was a lawyer for over 40 years and a former member of the Slough Local Involvement Network. I have a great passion for the NHS and welcome the opportunity provided to represent the residents of Slough as a Governor.

Profile picture of Amrik Banse

Amrik Banse

Publicly elected in Slough

My aim is to be a link between service users, community groups and Berkshire Healthcare. I’m eager to make sure that information about services is easily accessible and that the needs of local people are represented.

Nigel Oliver

Nigel Oliver

Publicly elected in Slough

Nigel became a governor so he could contribute to making people's lives better, especially people with mental illness, by promoting their concerns and needs.

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Mukesh Bansal

Publicly elected in West Berkshire

Mukesh has always been actively involved in his community. He now hopes to use his knowledge as an IT professional to help bring around process simplification and automation as well as improving our patient experience.

Profile picture of Verity Murricane

Verity Murricane

Publicly elected in West Berkshire

I’ve lived in West Berkshire for more than 20 years and want to help Berkshire Healthcare deliver the services local people want, need and deserve.

Profile picture of John Barrett

John Barrett

Publicly elected in Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead

As an ex-service user with first-hand experience, I wanted to help improve things. My role as chair of the mental health service user and carer forum in Maidenhead inspired me to stand as a Governor.

Profile picture of Tom O'Kane

Tom O'Kane

Publicly elected in Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead

I’m interested in improving the quality of NHS healthcare, and am a member of the Berkshire NHS Research Ethics committee and Patient and Public Involvement committee. I want to use my professional experience and knowledge to good effect.

Andrew Horne

Dr Andrew Horne

Publicly elected in Wokingham

Andrew has lived in Wokingham for 28 years and, as a retired NHS psychiatrist and carer for a family member, wants to make sure that the people in Wokingham receive the best possible health services to meet their needs.

Krupa Patel

Krupa Patel

Publicly elected in Wokingham

Krupa has experience working in different fields in healthcare and has become a governor to help improve both our services and our patient experience. Krupa is interested in working closely with Quality Assurance and Public and Patient Partnership.

Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens

Publicly elected in Wokingham

After multiple sclerosis led to his retirement from a career in sales, Gary wanted to use his experiences and skills to take on a part time role as governor to help improve our services for people in Wokingham.

Profile picture of Natasha Berthollier

Natasha Berthollier

Clinical staff member

I’ve worked as a psychologist for Berkshire Healthcare since 2004. I’m committed to patient partnership and co-production of everything we do and believe that all staff can be empowered and supported to offer an exceptional service.

Profile picture of June Carmichael

June Carmichael

Non-clinical staff member

I was appointed as Head of Contracting for Berkshire Healthcare in September 2011. I believe it’s essential that we engage with our staff to help achieve better health outcomes for our patients and to support long term success.

Profile picture of Amanda Mollett

Amanda Mollett

Non-Clinical staff member

I’m the Berkshire Healthcare lead for clinical audit, NICE guidance, and quality account. As a staff governor I have a commitment to improve quality and strive for excellence, whilst working within the constraints of the current political climate.

Profile picture of Julia Prince

Julia Prince

Clinical staff member

I’ve been a Physiotherapist with Berkshire Healthcare and Berkshire West for many years. I believe staff should be valued within an open and trusting organisation that encourages participation and endeavours to uphold their values at all levels.

Richard Dolinski

Cllr Richard Dolinski

Appointed by Wokingham Local Authority

Richard had a long career as a special needs teacher and, even in his retirement, continues to work with the autistic community as the director of Artistic. He also has a role with the local Borough Council as Deputy Lead for Children Services.

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Cllr Isobel Mattick

Bracknell Forest Local Authority

My late husband suffered from dementia and being his carer gave me a valuable insight into the challenges facing families and carers. I feel it’s important to make sure that the most vulnerable people are protected and supported to lead a full life.

Profile picture of Bet Tickner

Cllr Bet Tickner

Appointed by Reading Borough Council

I’m a governor at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and at Berkshire Healthcare. In both roles I’m eager to listen to and represent the experiences of patients and carers, as well as to work to sustain the excellent services that the NHS provides.

Profile picture of Alison Melabie

Alison Melabie

Appointed by ‘Triple A’ Alzheimers

As a governor I’m glad to have the opportunity to continue my interest in carers and the mental health of older people. My work in various communities and with different professionals means I can understand the reports and information presented.

Suzanna Rose

Suzanna Rose

Appointed from Berkshire Red Cross

Suzanna has been involved with the British Red Cross since 1978 and is currently the President for Berkshire. She became a governor in 2015, after retiring as a member of our staff, to help strengthen local ties between the NHS and third sector.

Craig Steel

Craig Steel

Appointed by the University of Reading

Craig is a clinical psychologist working at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading. His goal is to maintain and develop the excellent working relationship between us and the University.