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Make an adult community health referral (for health professionals)

Make an adult community health referral (for health professionals)

To make things easier, our Integrated Hub team handle most referrals for our community services.

Urgent referrals must be made by phone. All other routine referrals should be made by email only.

Call 0300 365 1234

Email integratedhub@berkshire.nhs.uk

Making a self-referral

Some of our services may support self-referrals, but you in most cases you will need to contact your GP first.

Do not contact our services directly requesting an appointment unless you have spoken to your GP or care professional.

View a full list of our services

If you need mental health support

Our mental health teams and services, including NHS Talking Therapies, are available if you need support. 

Find out how to access mental health support 

You can also find resources and guides on our website to help you if you need more advice.  

Resources to help with your mental health wellbeing

Our Intermediate Care services

If you're a Healthcare professional, you can check our Intermediate Care service directory

Visit our Admissions Avoidance website