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Take part in our research

If you’re interested in taking part in our studies, please contact us, or speak to your clinician or GP.

For each study, we will talk to you about our aims, and what you will be asked to do.

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Learning disability studies 

Complete the registration form to find out how to take part. 

You can always decide not to do a study if you don't want to.

Complete the registration form online (opens a new browser tab) 

You can also complete a PDF registration form and email it to us.

Open the PDF registration form (pdf)

If you're a carer or a family member, you can contract us either by completing the form online, or by emailing a completed PDF form.

Complete the registration form online (opens a new browser tab)

Open the PDF registration form (pdf)

Participant Research Experience Survey (PRES)

If you have previously or are currently taking part in research supported by the National Institute for Health and care Research (NIHR), which funds and supports research in the NHS as well as public health and social care research you can complete a short survey to tell us about your experience:

Complete the PRES survey (open a Google form in a new tab) 

Our research FAQs

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about research or let you know about other ways you might be able to support research.

Your safety and wellbeing are our top priority.

For all our studies, we make it clear what exactly will be involved, and any potential affects you may experience. 

All our studies have gone through the appropriate regulatory approvals to make sure that your safety, rights and dignity are protected.

This may include Health Research Authority approvals and NHS Ethics Committee approvals depending on the study.

Your involvement and the time required depends on the study, but some examples include:

  • Filling in a questionnaire
  • Being interviewed by a researcher
  • Take part in a Talking Therapy session
  • Giving a blood or saliva sample
  • Trying out a new piece of equipment
  • Taking a new medication
  • Sharing information from your medical record

You’ll get a chance to discuss the trial in detail with our researchers before you decide whether or not to take part. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can choose not to take part.

You can also get involved with designing and reporting on our studies.

Contact us for more information.

Call 0118 378 5264

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk

It's entirely your decision whether or not you take part in a study. If you decide not to take part in our research studies, it won’t affect your treatment in any way.

You can contact us if you’ve got any concerns or questions about one of our research studies.

Our Research and Development Team

Call 07920 082 812

Call 0118 378 5264

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk 

Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Call (PALS)  01344 415794

Find out more about PALS

Making a complaint

Your feedback helps us to continue improving our services. If you’ve used one of our services, or you’re a family member or carer of someone who has, please tell us about your experience.

Make a complaint

Taking part in our studies can help us develop new treatments for yourself and others, understand and prevent illnesses, and improve quality of life. By taking part you may have the chance to receive a new therapy, new intervention or new treatment. It may also help you gain a better understanding of your condition and feel more in control of your care.

By taking part in research you will also help the NHS by identifying ways to make the NHS stronger and more efficient.

There is evidence from a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) report showing that for some conditions, patients involved with clinical trials have better long term outcomes, and may also get earlier access to new treatments/health interventions.

View NIHR research, about how active trusts have better patient outcomes

There are a number of academic articles with similar findings: 

  1. Jonker L, Fisher SJ. The correlation between National Health Service trusts’ clinical trial activity and both mortality rates and care quality commission ratings: a retrospective cross-sectional study. Public health. 2018 Apr 1;157:1-6.  View the article 
  1. Downing A, Morris EJ, Corrigan N et al. High hospital research participation and improved colorectal cancer survival outcomes: a population-based study. Gut, 2017;66:89-96.  View the article 
  1. Ozdemir BA, Karthikesalingam A, Sinha S, et al. Research activity and the association with mortality. PLoS One, 2015;10. View the article 
  1. Boaz A, Hanney S, Jones T, & Soper B. Does the engagement of clinicians and organisations in research improve healthcare performance: a three-stage review. BMJ open, 2015; 5:e009415. View the article
  1. Jonker L, Fisher SJ. NHS Trusts’ clinical research activity and overall CQC performance–Is there a correlation? Public health, 2015; 129:1491-5. View the article
  1. Bennett WO, Bird JH, Burrows SA, Counter PR, & Reddy VM. Does academic output correlate with better mortality rates in NHS trusts in England? Public Health, 2012;126:S40-3.
  1. Clarke, M., & Loudon, K. (2011). Effects on patients of their healthcare practitioner’s or institution’s participation in clinical trials: a systematic review. Trials, 12(1), 16.

All researchers must follow our confidentiality policy.

When taking part in a research study, the details of how your data will be stored and shared will be outlined in the consent process when you agree to take part.

If you agree to join our Research Interest List we will store your information on a secure data base and it will not be shared with outside companies or organisations. If you would like to remove yourself from our Research Interest List, please inform us and we’ll remove your details immediately.

How we store information about you

All information is stored and used in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. 

What sort of information we store  

Demographic details and other pieces of information that you provide us with, that may help us to identify research studies which are relevant to you. 

Who will have access to the Research Interest List database?

The database is secure and access is restricted to only the research staff authorised by the Research & Development Manager (who are employed by Berkshire Healthcare).

Your personal information will not be shared with others without your consent. 

How will your information be used?

When the research team get involved in a new study, they will check the Research Interest List database for people like you who may be interested in taking part in that particular study and for whom the study may be suitable. We will need to look at relevant sections of your Berkshire Healthcare medical records to make sure we only contact you about studies relevant to you and will only look at information that is relevant for a particular study.

If it looks like the study might be suitable for you, you will be contacted by a member of the research team who will explain the research study and ask if you are interested in taking part.

If you are interested in the research study, the research team will send you a more detailed patient information leaflet so that you have all the information you need before deciding to take part.

You are under no obligation to take part in any of the research studies you are contacted about. 

How long do we keep your information?

We keep your information until you contact the research team asking us to delete it. We will ask you at varied intervals if you would like to remain on the Research Interest List. 

How can I remove my information from the Research Interest List database?

If you decide you no longer wish to have your information stored on the Research Interest List database, please contact us.

Call 0118 378 5264

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk 

Registering a research project with us

All projects must be registered with us. Please contact us at the earliest opportunity if you are thinking of conducting research in Berkshire Healthcare.

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk 

Applying for HRA approvals

With very few exceptions all clinical research requires approval from an NHS Research Ethics Committee (REC). In addition you will need NHS permission from the Health Research Authority if your study involves NHS patients, staff, resources or facilities

You can find out more on the levels of approval you need from the Health Research Authority (HRA) and Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) websites.

Visit the HRA website - what approvals do I need for my research study

Visit the IRAS website - find out more about HRA and HCRW approval 

If you require any assistance please contact us

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk 

Researchers working for the NHS but not employed by Berkshire Healthcare

If you already have a substantive or honorary NHS clinical contract with another trust and you wish to conduct research with us, your employing trust will need to complete an NHS confirmation of pre-engagement checks form and send it back to us with a signed and dated copy of your CV.

Once we're satisfied that appropriate pre-engagement checks have been carried out we will issue an appropriate letter of access. These letters of access are study specific. 

Researchers from outside the NHS

If you are working in a university and not currently working in the NHS but would like to work with us on a study, you will need to complete the Research Passport application form (Sections 1-6) in collaboration with your substantive employer and organise any required supporting documentation.

The application form provides the necessary information required to assure us that appropriate pre-engagement checks have been undertaken and to identify any further checks or updates required.

Contact us if you are not from the NHS or a university, but would like to work with us on your project.

Email research@berkshire.nhs.uk


You can also find more health research studies in your local area, using the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network, and by visiting their  ‘Be Part of Research’ pages


Search for and sign up to be contacted about studies that interest you at the Be Part of Research website