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Prospect Park Hospital

Prospect Park Hospital is our main site for people in Berkshire with mental health conditions. We have a number of inpatient wards, including a specialist dementia ward, and a specialist unit for people with learning disabilities.

We also have a healthcare library which is open to all our staff, other local trusts and medical students. 

Visit our Healthcare Library service page (opens new browser tab)

We encourage family and friends to visit their loved ones whilst they are in hospital. We are flexible about visiting and will do everything we can to help you visit at a time that is convenient to you and the patient. We don't have fixed visiting hours but we would generally ask that you to come in between 10am and 8pm. If this isn’t suitable, please talk to us so that we can make arrangements to avoid disturbing other patients.

Please bear in mind that while in hospital your family member or friend may be receiving specific treatment or have a personal care plan in place which they need to follow.

Very occasionally, a patient's wishes regarding visiting may not be the same as the person wishing to visit. In this case, we will always give priority to the patient in our care. 

Read our Visitor Guidance page for more information

Day Preferred visiting times
Every day 10am to 8pm, but please contact us if you need to arrange an alternative time


Part of any patient’s recovery is the ability to receive good nutrition. Please talk to your loved one and/or ward staff team when arranging your visit so that you arrive at a time that allows them to enjoy their meal.

Details Times

12pm (Midday) to 1pm

5pm to 6pm

Ward contact numbers

Call Beech (Rooms 1 to 12, 14) 0118 960 5936 

Call Willow (Tooms 24 to 35) 0118 960 5753

PPH garden

Facilities available at Prospect Park Hospital include:

We understand that being in hospital can make some patients feel unsettled. 

Due to their mental health condition, some patients may feel uneasy and may be a risk to themselves or to other patients and staff. 

We’re committed to working in the spirit of the Act, and to use methods to help keep patients calm and our staff safe while we provide care. 

Read our Use of Force leaflet (pdf)

We can help support and treat you for severe and complex mental health difficulties, referring you onto other services where appropriate.

Visit our CMHT service webpage

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