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Become a governor

As a Foundation Trust, we’re free from any direct government control and are accountable directly to you, the local people of Berkshire.

We need your help to shape our future and make sure that we’re providing the services and support you need locally. You can do this by becoming a governor.

Nominations are currently open - see our notice of elections for more information.

Our Council of Governors is made up of elected and appointed individuals:

  • The Chairman of our Board of Directors
  • 2 clinical staff governors
  • 2 non-clinical staff governors
  • 19 locally elected public governors
  • 13 representative governors from local organisations, such as schools, universities, local authorities and the charity sector

They represent your interests and make sure that we’re acting in ways that are beneficial to our patients, the local community and our staff. They do this by holding our non-executive board members to account for the general performance of the board. 

How do I become a governor?

We hold local elections for governors every three years.

To become a governor, you need to be 16 or older and already a member of our Trust.  

You can then nominate yourself or someone else to become a governor.

Read the Notice of Election 2020 

Find out more about becoming a governor by emailing Julie Hill

Email address