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Adult Autism Assessment Team

We are an assessment service for people who would like a diagnosis to confirm if they are autistic.

Every Autistic person is different, just like every individual is different.

We recognise the many strengths that many autistic people have, and not every autistic person needs a full assessment.

But we know it may help you with reasonable adjustments at work, in education, in relationships, or if autism is negatively impacting your mental health and wellbeing. 

We use a medical classification model to help us identify autism, which can display in many different ways:

  • Difficulties with social interaction with others, that may have led to misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication or relationships
  • A preference for sameness and routine, which means you struggle with change or being spontaneous
  • Very intense interests that you enjoy and value, but may sometimes cause problems for you -for example, you might struggle to stop talking about your interest at work
  • Sensory differences, such as being very sensitive to noises which has caused difficulties for you in busy or loud environments
  • You might enjoy repetitive body movements or sounds which may have been noted by others as unusual
  • You might show a strong attention to detail and be very good on recognising how to improve processes, or finding out why they don’t work properly 

These are just examples, and we can talk more to you about the signs and behaviours we look for.

You can also visit the NHS website to learn more about autism. 

Learn more about Autism on the NHS website (opens new browser tab)

When you are referred to us by your GP, we will invite you to a face-to-face meeting.

If you are extremely anxious we can offer as assessment online.

Our assessment may take up to three hours and will be carried out by one or two of our specialists. 

We will ask you about your childhood, education, personal history, family circumstances, and your interests.

We will also ask you about your strengths and the sort of difficulties you’re having, and assess your communication skills.

It can be really helpful if you can bring a partner, friend, or family member to the assessment. They can help with questions about you as a child and as an adult, and help you feel calm if you’re nervous about the appointment. 

After your assessment

We aim to give you an answer at your appointment as to whether you are autistic.

For some people we may need to ask further questions, or take advice from other care professionals before we confirm a diagnosis.

We will create a report which will explain why we have, or have not, confirmed an autism diagnosis. We will also include adjustment recommendations to help you with your daily life.

We may offer you a place in our post diagnostic group, called Being Me. This can help you learn more about autism and how it may apply to you. Each session lasts up to two hours and the group runs for 6 weeks. 

If you are not autistic, we may be able to guide you to other appropriate services so you can find the help you need.

You must be referred to us by your GP or another professional from one of our services.

Unfortunately, we do not accept self-referrals.

We will ask you to opt into our service by completing screening questionnaires, so we can learn more about you and your challenges.

We’ll review your answers, and let you know if we can add you to our waiting list for assessment.  

Read the Policy on ADHD and Autism Prioritisation for Assessment(pdf)

Appointment waiting list

Please be aware that we have a long waiting list. We may not be able to give you an exact date of your first appointment when you are referred to us.

We will send you information to read in the meantime.

When you are approaching the top of the waiting list, we will contact you before your appointment. This might be one long appointment or two shorter ones. 

Children and Young People

We accept referrals from people who are 17 and half years old. If you’re younger, our CYPF Autism Assessment Team can support you.

Support from our CYPF autism assessment team 

Our assessment centre is at 25 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR.

Do not come to the centre unless you have an appointment. 

Day of the week Opening times
Monday 8.30am to 5pm
Tuesday 8.30am to 5pm
Wednesday 8.30am to 5pm
Thursday 8.30am to 5pm
Friday 8:30am to 5pm


Urgent help

Call 999 if you feel at risk of hurting yourself or others 

Talking Therapies

Our mental health teams and services, including Talking Therapies, are available if you need support. 

Find out how to access mental health support  


If you need to talk to someone now, you can call the Samaritans

Call 08457 90 90 90  

Contact the Samaritans (opens new browser tab)