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Carers Information

We understand that your role as a carer is vital to our patients’ health and wellbeing and we want to help and support you wherever we can.

Find out more about NHS commitments to carers.

Carers’ Rights and the Care Act

A carer is someone who helps a friend or family member (who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction) in their day-to-day life without being paid for it.

If you’re over 18 and caring for an adult, the Care Act 2014 outlines your legal rights to assessment and a variety of support. Your local authority will carry out an assessment and, if you’re eligible, will work with you to create a support plan.

If you’re a young carer or you’re caring for a disabled child, you can be assessed and supported under children’s law.

Find out more about the Care Act and your rights on NHS Choices.

Helpful resources

There are a number of useful online resources that can support you in your role as a carer, including: