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Community Mental Health Transformation Programme

Community mental health services across Berkshire are changing.

We’re working with GPs, hospitals, social care, voluntary sector, and patients and their families, to improve services for people with significant mental illnesses.

Our new and transformed services will provide holistic care for people across Berkshire.

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Patients with significant mental difficulties will have access to the right support when they need it in their community, through new services which are more accessible and flexible.

Our new approach connects community and specialist mental health services, and local authorities and volunteer groups, to guide people to wellbeing offers and community support.

This ‘no wrong door’ approach means that no matter where the person starts when asking for help, they will arrive at the right place for help.

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines the vision and initiatives for improved NHS health and care services over the next 10 years.

The plan includes a commitment to transforming mental health care by 2024, so more people can access treatment when they need it.

The plan has been drawn up by those who know the NHS best, including frontline health and care staff, patient groups and other experts.

Visit the NHS Long Term Plan website to read more (opens new browser tab)

Watch the NHS Community Mental Health Transformation video on YouTube (opens new browser tab)

We’re putting this plan into practice across our community mental health services.

Our East Berkshire team has already helped lead the way as one of 12 national ‘early implementer’ sites in Autumn 2019, and our West Berkshire team began implementing the transformation programme in Spring 2021.

“For most people with a significant mental illness, the diagnosed problem isn’t all they need, or want help with. They need mental health services that go beyond treating symptoms and illnesses. Integrated services that see a person rather than a diagnosis, and that work together to promote their all-round wellbeing.” - NHS England

Everyone will benefit from our improvements to mental health services, including:

  • People with significant mental illness, who will receive the right help when they need it
  • People with early signs of a mental health difficulty, who will receive support focused on prevention
  • GPs and primary care staff, who will feel confident that their patients are getting the treatment they need
  • Secondary care workers in the community, who will feel assured that their patients will receive the support they need to live happy and independent lives

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Email cmhlivedexperience@berkshire.nhs.uk

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Project One Team creates a new collaborative and innovative mental health support model that benefits both our patients receiving the care, and our teams providing the service.

It brings together East and West Berkshire’s Community Mental Health services for Adults of all ages together in to one clear offer.

For patients, this will provide access to the right support, at the right time, in the right place. The offer will, wherever possible, be the consistent, no matter where they live in Berkshire.

Fewer barriers means that our teams can work more efficiently with each other and our care partners. It also means we can use community resources and volunteer teams more effectively.

Here are our key areas of work to continue bringing One Team to our patients and teams

  • Provide consistent and easy to access mental health services, for everyone living in Berkshire
  • Reduce waiting lists, by making referrals and assessments more efficient
  • Work with our partner agencies, to offer support for patients both in conjunction with and after our care 
  • Remove barriers between primary care (such as GPs) and secondary care (such as hospitals and specialist services), making it easier for patients to receive the right care when they need it, giving confidence to both them, our staff and our partners in Community Mental Health delivery