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Managing your child's cows milk protein allergy

If your child has been referred to the dietitian following a diagnosis of cows milk protein allergy, we would recommend that you watch the following information webinars produced by NHS dietitians. They will help you understand this condition and learn about milk-free weaning and introduction of a milk challenge.

We recommend that you watch these videos in the following order.

Understanding milk protein allergy

Watch Webinar 1 - 'Explanation on Different Types of Dairy Allergy' - 7 minutes (opens in new browser tab)

If you child suffers with a rapid onset (IgE), please speak to your GP and ask them to refer to the Allergy Referral Guidelines found on their GP system.

Milk-free weaning

A child with cows milk protein allergy should be weaned onto a milk free diet from 6 months. If your child is prescribed Aptamil® Pepti 1 or Nutramigen® 1 with LGG, ask your GP to change the prescription to the ‘2’ version from 6 months onwards.

Watch Webinar 2 - 'Weaning on a Cow’s Milk and/or Soya Free Diet' - 12 minutes (opens new tab)

Watch Webinar 3 - 'Following a milk free diet from 6 months onwards' - 14 minutes (opens new tab)

Milk challenges

These should only take place for children with a delayed reaction (non IgE) to cows milk. Do not try this at home if your child reacted immediately to cow’s milk or had anaphylaxis, Please speak to your GP/Paediatrician.

  • 2-4 weeks following the initial removal of cow’s milk – this will help to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of cow’s milk protein allergy. Please do not follow this challenge if your child has been on a milk free diet for longer than 4 weeks
  • At 12 months age, or after following a period of strict milk free diet for at least 6 months, using the iMAP milk ladder - this will help confirm if your child is starting to tolerate cow’s milk

Watch Webinar 4  - 'Milk & Soya Challenge for Infants' - 12 minutes (opens new tab)

From 1 year onwards, infants will change from a prescribed formula to a supermarket fortified milk alternative from their 1st birthday, until they tolerate cow’s milk in their diet.

Suitable alternatives include:

  • Alpro® Soya Growing Up Drink
  • Alpro® Oat Growing Up Drink
  • Oatly® Drink Barista Edition
  • Oatly® Oat Drink Whole

It can be helpful to mix formula with the new milk alternative until tolerated.