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Lower Limb Service

If you’re living with a lower limb (leg) ulcer, or you have a high risk of developing one, we can assess your situation and provide treatment and guidance.

We also offer follow up assessments and recommendations for hosiery and skin care which can help reduce the risks of further problems.

If we think you might benefit from it, we may also refer you to one of our other care and support teams.

Our clinics

From 5 August 2020, appointments in Maidenhead will now take place at the former Mobility Centre at St Mark’s Hospital, Maidenhead.

As well as Maidenhead, we are also offering appointments in Slough and Bracknell.

View map of our clinic at St Mark’s Hospital

See location and contact details for St Mark’s Hospital 

Appointments and referrals

We’re making arrangements to return to normal service as quickly and safely as possible.

As such, we’re no longer offering home visits and all appointments will now be clinic based in your local area, at either Slough, Maidenhead or Bracknell.

There have been no changes to the clinics in Slough and Bracknell which continue to run as usual.

We’re still accepting referrals to our service.

Please do not attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household are displaying the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please contact us before your appointment if you do notice symptoms.

Read more about coronavirus symptoms

If you’re a current patient, we’ll provide you with two weeks’ worth of dressings in the event you need to self-isolate.

Family or carers are welcome to drop you off at the clinic, but we ask that they wait outside during your appointment.

You must wear a face covering and follow the latest social distance guidance while you’re here.

You must also wash your hands and use the hand gel provided.

Read more about face coverings 

Urgent contact

If you need urgent support, you can contact us via the hub.

We aim to respond within 24 hours during the week, or 48 hours at the weekend.

Call 0300 365 1234

When you’re referred to us, we’ll arrange an appointment with you at one of our community clinics in East Berkshire.

Your first appointment with us lasts around 90 minutes, and will allow us to get to know you and understand your needs. You’re welcome to bring someone with you to appointments .

At your appointment, we may carry out checks known as Doppler studies.

This involves using high-frequency sound waves to measure blood circulation in your arteries, to help give us a better idea of how to treat your ulcer.

These studies don’t involve any kind of surgery, but we recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Treatment and follow up appointments

As part of your treatment, we may recommend wearing compression bandages or hosiery to help speed up healing.

Your follow up appointments will be much shorter (around 30-45 minutes) depending on whether you have an issue with just one leg or both. We’ll continue to see you until your ulcer is healed and offer advice on how to care for your leg to prevent further ulcers.

When you’ve been fully discharged, we’ll arrange appointments for every six months to check that all is well.

If your GP has referred you because you’re considered at risk of developing an ulcer, we’ll also see you every six months to make sure you’re still wearing the right hosiery and offer lifestyle advice to prevent further ulcers.

All of our clinics are held on an appointment only basis

To be referred to us, you must be over the age of 18, and registered with a GP in East Berkshire such as Bracknell, Windsor, Ascot, Slough and Maidenhead.

Speak to your GP, Practice Nurse or District Nurse to be referred to us. Unfortunately, we do not accept self referrals.

Each time you see us, we’ll confirm the date and time of your next appointment.

We often ask for certain blood test results to be sent with our referrals so you may need to have these taken at your GP Practice before we offer you an appointment.

If you have any questions about your appointment or treatment, please contact us on the email address provided on your correspondence with us.