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Heart Failure Service

If you’ve been diagnosed with heart failure, we can support you and help improve your quality of life through education and effective management of your condition.

Once you’ve been referred to our service, we’ll invite you to one of our community clinics or, if you’re unable to travel, will visit you at home.

This first appointment usually lasts 60 minutes and is an opportunity for us to discuss your medical history and complete a basic assessment, measuring your blood pressure, pulse and weight.

We’ll help you learn the signs and symptoms of heart failure and how you can manage them safely and effectively, adjusting your medication if needed.

We’ll also help you understand how exercise and diet can play a crucial role in improving your health.

To access our service, you’ll need a diagnosis of heart failure (confirmed by echocardiogram) and a referral from your consultant cardiologist or GP.

Referrals and attached echocardiograms need to be sent to our Integrated Hub.


You can find national and local support on the following websites: