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Foot Health (Podiatry)

Our Podiatry service is made up of clinical foot experts who can provide personalised care for your complex medical and foot health needs. 

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Try our self-care treatments 

If you’re able to do so safely, or you have someone in your household who can help you, file your nails to help prevent any damage from long or thick nails 

You can also find useful information and advice at the following websites:

Learn about our Podiatry service

We specialise in high-risk foot health and, as a result, we prioritise patients who:

  • Have foot wounds or infections to prevent the condition from worsening
  • Need minor nail surgery for acute in-grown toenails 
  • Require Podiatric Musculoskeletal care (also known as Biomechanics)

Symptoms to be aware of

You may need to see a podiatrist if you have one or more of the following:

  • Your foot feels hotter than usual
  • There any new areas of discolouration, inflammation, or swelling
  • There is any discharge
  • You have any flu-like symptoms
  • You've noticed a rash
  • You're becoming breathless
  • Your body temperature above 38.3ºC (101ºF), or below 36ºC (96ºF)

If you have any new breaks in the skin or blisters, cover them with a sterile dressing. Do not burst any blisters that form. 

Make a self-referral to start your treatment

Unfortunately, we're unable to accept referrals for general foot care and nail clipping.

Important: If you have a wound or break in the skin on your foot and you have suddenly developed symptoms associated with Sepsis, please do not complete this form as you may require urgent medical assistance - please contact 111, attend urgent care service, or book an urgent appointment with your GP.

Read about symptoms of Sepsis on the NHS Inform website (opens new tab)

Complete our online referral form (opens new tab)

Contact your nearest Podiatry team for help

Your next steps

Once you've completed our referral form, you'll receive an email confirmation with instructions on your next steps.

Please be aware that we may contact you by phone to ask for more information about your condition or to send photos before arranging an appointment.

To access our service, you could be referred by a healthcare professional, such as your GP. If you have an urgent foot condition such as an open wound, infection or ingrowing toenail you can use the self-refer function on the previous page or you can email or telephone one of our teams.


Email PodiatryBracknell@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0118 904 6332

Tilehurst, Reading

Email PodiatryReading@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0118 904 6333


Email PodiatrySlough@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0300 365 0555

Call 0118 904 1914

West Berkshire

Email PodiatryNewbury@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0118 904 6333

Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead

Email PodiatryWAM@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0300 365 0555

Call 0118 904 1914


Email PodiatryWokingham@berkshire.nhs.uk

Call 0118 904 6332