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Community Nursing

We want you to feel healthy, safe, and confident while managing your care, and avoid unnecessary trips to hospital.

Our Community Nursing team, also known as District Nurses, can provide you with healthcare support in your own home, or in your local community.

We can help if you have complex health difficulties, or you need support with end-of-life care.

To make sure you still receive the care and help you need at home, we’re making some changes to how we do assessments and appointments.

Appointments and assessments

If you’re being supported by our community nursing teams, we’ll contact you to make new arrangements for any appointments you have. This may include doing some appointments over the phone or using video calls.

Where possible, we’ve also provided training to some of our patients and their families for minor wound dressing and giving certain medication.

Until further notice, we’re stopping:

  • All face to face appointments were possible in our Specialist Nursing and Rehabilitation services
  • Our Falls group sessions, but we’re sending exercise leaflets to all our patients and arranging support calls

Read advice for our patients and visitors

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need urgent help, please contact your nursing team.

When you’re referred to us, we’ll arrange an assessment to understand your health needs and plan the right care for you.

If we feel that another service or may be better for you, we’ll discuss the different options with you.

This might include a local charity or volunteer group.

If we’re able to help you, we’ll talk to you about treatments, and how often we may need to visit you.

Each time we visit you, we’ll keep a record of your progress.

With your permission, we may share this with your GP or other specialists who may also be supporting you.

We’ll make sure that you have all the information you need, including our contact details. This includes an urgent contact number if you need to speak to us. 

When your health has improved and you’re feeling confident, we’ll refer you back to the care of your GP or clinic.

If you’re registered to a GP in East Berkshire, such as Bracknell, Slough, Maidenhead, and Windsor, and you’re currently being supported by our teams, you can contact our hub team for more information.

The team’s service hours are 7am to 7pm.

Out of hours service is from 7pm to 7am

Call 0300 365 1234


If you’re not currently supported by us, you must be referred to us by a healthcare professional, such as a GP.

At all other times, you can contact NHS 111 for urgent help

NHS 111 

Visit the NHS 111 website (opens new browser tab)

If you’re registered to a GP in West Berkshire, such as Newbury, Reading, and Wokingham, you must be referred to us via our local triage teams. 

Our community nursing team will then contact you to assess your care needs in line with the Community Nursing criteria.   

Reading Community Nursing Service

Contact the local triage team direct, between 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday


Call 0300 365 3000

At all other times, you can contact NHS 111 for urgent help

NHS 111 

Visit the NHS 111 website (opens new browser tab)

West Berkshire Community Nursing Service


Call 0165 3529 2080

At all other times, you can contact NHS 111 for urgent help

Call NHS 111 

Visit the NHS 111 website(opens new browser tab)

Wokingham Community Nursing Service


Call 0118 949 5083

At all other times, you can contact NHS 111 for urgent help

Call NHS 111

Visit the NHS 111 website (opens new browser tab)

We’ll regularly check if this service is right for you, and whether you’re ready to be discharged from us.

If you require further care or therapy input, we will refer you to an appropriate service.

Should you no longer require any NRS equipment issued or it becomes faulty please contact NRS.

Call 0844 893 6960

Should you require assistance in the future please contact your GP surgery to discuss any issues.