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We would like everyone to be able to access the Library and Knowledge Service easily, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions of how we can improve.

Call 0118 960 5012

Email library.healthcare@berkshire.nhs.uk

We can provide our information in different formats on request.

If you let us know your preferences for how you’d like to be contacted we will try to contact you in this way.

If you need a translator or sign language interpreter please let us know and we can arrange this.

Our library is on the ground floor of our Prospect Park Hospital

Visit our Prospect park Hospital page

We have:

  • A main library space with computers, docking stations, desks and shelves of books
  • An IT training room with computers and desks
  • A computer room with computers and desks
  • Library and Knowledge Service staff offices


There are windows along one side of the main library space that provide natural light. These all have internal blinds. The IT training room at the back of the library has a window with blinds and aircon. All the large windows can be opened but require a handle to do so, please ask library staff for the handle or they can open the windows for you. 

There are overhead lights in all the spaces in the library.


There is a water cooler with cups in the reception

The restaurant is on the floor above the library and sells food and drink. It also has a water cooler with cups. 


All computers have headphones and webcams.

All computer desks and docking stations have adjustable desk chairs.


There are stairs and a lift opposite the entrance to the library

We can retrieve books for you from the shelves if you visit the library. You don’t need to visit the library to borrow books though, if you let us know which books you would like we can post them to your workplace. 


The nearest accessible toilets are on the floor above the library. Take the lift or stairs and follow the white arrows on the floor. There are other toilets by reception or on the floor above the library.

We have a wide range of online resources. If you’re having difficulties accessing them please let us know and we will try to help you. 

Visit the websites for accessibility guides and statements from some of our online resource providers.

Read the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub accessibility navigation guide

Read the BMJ Best Practice: Accessibility

Read the ClinicalKey accessibility

We use RNIB Bookshare to give more accessible options for staff with a print-disability, including those with dyslexia, autism, or who are blind or partially sighted.

RNIB Bookshare has over a million titles available and provides a range of accessible formats that can be read electronically or adapted to suit the personal reading needs of the learner. This includes listening to books and reading with digital braille or enlarged fonts. There is also access to over 3,000 accessible images, and themed collections including ‘diversity and inclusion’ and ‘struggling and reluctant readers’.

Contact us to sign up to RNIB Bookshare.

Email library.healthcare@berkshire.nhs.uk

Our training and one-to-one sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams but we are happy to arrange face-to-face sessions on request.

If you have any accessibility needs, such as the slides being sent in advance, please let us know when booking a session.

ColorVeil is software for Windows devices that applies a coloured filter to your screen, over the top of any other application you're using.

It can be useful for eye strain, dyslexia, and visual stress.

It’s free and available for Windows devices or as a browser extension.

If you’re using a Berkshire Healthcare Windows device you can install this software via the Software Center on your desktop. 

You can use Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader app to have the text in your PDF read aloud to you.

If you’re using a Berkshire Healthcare computer or laptop you can install Adobe Acrobat Reader using the Software Center on the desktop.

Once you have it installed you can follow the instructions on the Adobe website

Visit the Adobe website for the PDF read out loud instructions (opens new tab)