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East Berkshire Wellbeing Service

Changes to life circumstances, such as housing and finances, can have a significant impact on both your mental and physical health.

Our Wellbeing services aims to reduce the impact these challenges can have on your quality of life.

We offer support for practical, situational and social challenges including housing, money worries, drug and alcohol misuse, loneliness, social isolation and general wellness, such as diet, healthy living and sleep

If you feel that you or someone you know are an immediate danger, please contact 999

To be referred to our service, you must be aged 18 and over, and be registered with a GP in East Berkshire.

We provide friendly support and guidance to improve your daily life and wellbeing. We can guide you to the right support if you feel that you’re struggling because of a change to your circumstances, such as:

  • Housing issues
  • Money worries
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Loneliness & social isolation
  • General wellness and healthy living, including sleep, motivation, resilience

It may be that you’ve already been discharged by your GP in East Berkshire and that the support you require does not meet the needs of a mental health service referral and you feel that you still need support.

We offer one-to-one sessions over the phone, online support programmes, and wellbeing workshops, as well as supported signposting to local services and authorities.

View our East Berkshire Wellbeing Service poster (pdf)

Help you develop a plan

We can arrange a Choices for Wellbeing Call (CWC) with you.

This session lasts approximately 25 minutes and will give you the chance to talk about the difficulties you’re having.

At the end of the call we will agree on a Wellbeing Pathway to help you. This is a plan of action that pulls on our knowledge of local services and common difficulties our clients experience.

Monthly Virtual Workshops 

We run virtual workshops each month to kelp equip you with skills.

Motivation and Goal Setting (60 minute session)

Including tips for goal setting, SMART goals, tips for boosting motivation, and overcoming barriers

Resilience (60 minute session)

Discussion through the 5 points of Resilience (Purpose, Self, Body, Mind, Connections) and how strengthening these can increase your wellbeing

Cost of Living/Energy Crisis (90 minute session)

We share tips and information around many aspects of the cost-of-living crisis including support around rising energy costs.

Housing (60 minute session)

We cover the complicated world of housing, including topics such as private renting, applying for social housing, financial support for housing costs, issues and rights, and homelessness.

Local partners and teams

We work closely with local health, social care and government partners, including:

  • Citizens Advice
  • Council groups
  • Social prescribers
  • Peer support groups
  • Community and volunteer groups 

If you feel it would help, we can suggest some of our other services, such as:

To be referred to our service, you must be aged 18 and over, and be registered with a GP in East Berkshire.

Referring yourself or someone else

You can refer yourself, or if you are a professional, you can refer someone else.

Complete our online form and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.

It may take around 10 minutes to complete the form.

Complete our online referral form (opens new browser tab)

When you're referred to us, we'll talk to you about our confidentiality contract. 

View our Welcome Information Sheet (pdf)

GP Referrals

If you’re a GP, you can refer patients through the Gateway system.

Wellbeing Matters is a staff support service, to improve staff mental health and wellbeing.

If you work in health or social care and live or work in Berkshire, you can contact our Wellbeing Matters service for support.

We offer free, fast and confidential psychological support for all health and social care staff if you work or live in Berkshire.​

Visit the Wellbeing Matters website (opens a new browser tab)

Our mental health teams and services, including Talking Therapies, are available if you need support. 

Find out how to access mental health support 

You can also find resources and guides on our website to help you if you need more advice.  

Resources to help with your mental health wellbeing