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East Berkshire Wellbeing Service

Are you dealing with a practical problem in your life and feeling stuck? 

With our East Berkshire Wellbeing Service you can access individual coaching sessions to help you work through your problem and feel empowered to find solutions.

  • Perhaps you don’t know what benefits you’re entitled to?
  • Or what to do about problem debt?
  • Or you need guidance dealing with a housing eviction?
  • Maybe you want help setting realistic goals or staying motivated to eat healthily, lose weight or improve your fitness?

Our professionals offer one-to-one phone sessions to help you work out what matters to you, make a plan to start tackling your situation and make practical changes to improve your day-to-day life. We can then connect you with other services and organisations to help you get your life back on track.

We also offer a range of virtual workshops and workbooks on specific topics people in East Berkshire have asked us to help them with: such as goal setting, boosting motivation and housing.

Help you develop a plan

Our professional coaches can arrange a Choices for Wellbeing Call with you. 

This session lasts approximately 25 minutes and will give you the chance to talk about the practical problem you'd like help with tackling. All the help we offer is tailored to your situation and what you tell us you'd like to work on.

We listen without judgement and provide impartial support based on motivational interviewing. This approach uses questions to draw out your own reasons for change, how confident you feel and what might get in the way.

At the end of the call we will agree a plan of action with you that pulls on our knowledge of local services and common difficulties our clients experience. We may also offer further support such as workshops and worksheets and other resources depending on what suits your needs.

What we can help with

 We can guide you to the right support if you feel that you’re struggling because of a change to your circumstances, such as:

  • Helping you communicate your situation to help you deal with housing issue e.g. how to describe your situation or providing a communication template
  • Completing a benefits calculator, creating a budget planner, providing foodbank vouchers
  • Helping you to set goals - looking at manageable steps and breaking this down into smaller micro-steps
  • Drug and alcohol misuse support
  • Loneliness & social isolation
  • General wellness and healthy living, including sleep, motivation, resilience

We have access to a wide range of research on local and national support for common issues too and can either refer you directly or provide you with information about  other organisations to help you further. 

It may be that you’ve already been discharged by your GP in Slough, Bracknell, Windsor, Ascot or Maidenhead and that the support you require does not meet the needs of a mental health service referral and you feel that you still need support.

We offer one-to-one sessions over the phone, online support programmes, and wellbeing workshops, as well as supported signposting to local services and authorities.

View our East Berkshire Wellbeing Service poster (pdf)

We can help you work through a range of different problems.

Here's what some of our recent clients have said after their coaching sessions with us:

"I would like to thank you for all of your support to get the last push. You definitely made a difference in my life and helped more than you imagine."

"Just want to say thank you for your help, it has helped my money stress and I am in a better position now."

"Yes I would absolutely recommend your service. Having someone to talk to about the practical stuff and offer solutions has been so helpful."

"Thank you so much for support. Thank you for your patience. You have always listened to me, always supported me. I give you five stars. I am speechless. You are always supporting me to access support from different places, it's so lovely for me. At least I get little bit better, and you gave a lot of advice, I got my medication changed, I got social prescribers, you told me about Citizen's Advice."

To be referred to our service, you must be aged 18 and over, and be registered with a GP in East Berkshire.

Referring yourself or someone else

You can refer yourself, or if you are a professional, you can refer someone else.

Complete our online referral form


Call us

You can also call us on 0300 365 2000 to make a referral by phone.

Our calls are handled by the NHS Talking Therapies team who can help you to make a referral to our service.

When you're referred to us, we'll talk to you about confidentiality.

View our Welcome Information Sheet (pdf)

GP referrals

If you’re a GP, you can refer patients through the Gateway system.

Our service helps you focus on the easiest next steps rather than feelings and emotions but we do work closely with other mental health teams and services, including NHS Talking Therapies, who are available if you need treatment. 

Find out how to access mental health support 

You can also find resources and guides on our website to help you if you need more advice.  

Resources to help with your mental health wellbeing


Our Neurodiversity Passport can help you communicate your needs to our staff. It covers sensory processing, your communication preferences, and topics that might make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, so that we can support you.   

Read about our neurodiversity passport