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Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

People with severe mental health issues face huge barriers when it comes to employment. Most would like to have paid work, but only eight per cent achieve it.

If you have a severe or significant mental health condition and you’re being supported by any of our mental health services at Berkshire Healthcare, our employment specialists can help you gain, sustain, and retain paid work.

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We know that having a job can play a big part in building your self-confidence and independence, and that living with a severe mental health condition shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you want to do.

If you’re looking for work

If you’re currently unemployed and interested in working, we can:

  • Help you find a paid job as close to your work preferences as possible
  • Help you gain the information you need around how working may impact your benefits so you can make informed decisions
  • Work closely with your health teams to make sure you’re getting the mental health support you need
  • Support you throughout your journey into work, for as long as you need
  • Work with your employer to make sure you’re getting on well in your job

If you’re in work

We can also support you if you’re currently in work and struggling because of your mental health.

We can:

  • Act as a trusted intermediary between you and your employer
  • Work with your employer to make reasonable adjustments to suit your needs, or discuss redeployment
  • Develop a return-to-work plan
  • Help you manage your personal information so you can decide when and how you want to talk about your mental health

I only wish I’d heard about this service earlier

I was in a locked room and IPS opened the door

My employment specialist was very supportive and relaxing

We’re based at different sites across Berkshire. We can meet you in the community wherever you feel most comfortable, such as libraries, cafes, or your local job centre.

When we first speak to you, we’ll tell you more about why we work like this.

If you're being supported by any of Berkshire Healthcare’s mental health services, you can ask your keyworker to arrange a referral to our service.

You can also refer yourself directly to IPS by emailing us. Remember to mention any other service that is supporting you.

Email ips.referrals@berkshire.nhs.uk

Our Neurodiversity Passport can help you communicate your needs to our staff. It covers sensory processing, your communication preferences, and topics that might make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, so that we can support you.   

Read about our neurodiversity passport