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One Team Project promotes collaboration to improve mental health services in Berkshire

Jayne Reynolds leading the workshop

At the end of July, the One Team project held an event consisting of two workshops that brought together an impressive array of key stakeholders, paving the way for improvements in community mental health services throughout Berkshire. The diverse group of attendees included representatives from the voluntary and community sectors, local authorities, primary care networks, as well as service users and carers, all united by a common goal: to strengthen mental health support and resources in the region for the people that need it.   

The day commenced with an address by Susanna Yeoman, who is at the helm of the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme in East Berkshire. Susanna's insights set the tone for an engaging and productive gathering. The One Team project was designed to align with the concepts of integrated teams driven by the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme. By building upon the foundations laid out by this vital initiative, the One Team project aims to harness collective expertise to drive positive change.   

Holly Dale talking to the group using a microphone   Susanna Yeoman addressing the group

The event continued with a presentation by Holly Dale, the project’s Lived Experience Lead. Through powerful case studies, Holly showed the potential of integrated mental health systems, emphasising the impact of joined up working on the lives of those seeking support. These real-life accounts demonstrated the true value of collaboration in mental health care.   

Victor Nkwo, shared his personal journey using mental health services himself and as a carer for his son with candid authenticity. His narrative shed light on the challenges faced by service users and carers, highlighting the urgent need for an improved and interconnected mental health ecosystem.  

Jayne Reynolds, the Director of Delivery for the One Team project, gave an overview of the project's core focus. Jayne outlined that by listening and learning the project will create a clear, joined up mental health offer, enabling us to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time​. Through innovative practices and collaboration with all stakeholders, the One Team project endeavours to build a mental health support system that leaves no one behind.  

Attendees at the event posing with the One Team photo frame   Attendees of the workshop networking

Following the presentations, the attendees participated in engaging group discussions. Their collective expertise and experiences contributed valuable insights into the challenges, opportunities, and successes within Berkshire's mental health care landscape. The diversity of perspectives enriched the dialogue and reinforced the shared commitment to improve mental health services for all.  

One attendee from the community sector said the event was “a great opportunity to share information about what is happening across our organisations and finding opportunities to work in an integrated way.” Another attendee who has experience of mental health services commented that it was positive to “be able to put my opinions and experiences forward to help carers and patients get help.” 

The One Team project's event was a great learning opportunity for the project team, sparking collaboration and igniting a passion for positive change. As this initiative gains momentum, the Berkshire community can look forward to a brighter future, where mental health care is a cohesive and compassionate continuum of support for every individual in need.  

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