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Making a veterans mental health referral (TILS)

If you’re a military veteran, reservist, or service personnel approaching discharge, we can help you access NHS veteran’s health and mental health services.

Our support is available to all ex-service members of the armed forces, regardless of your rank or number of years of service. It is also available to reservists who are not currently mobilised.

Visit our Veterans Mental Health Transition Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS) service page


You can ask your GP, carer, or health professional to refer you to our service.

You can also self refer, or ask a family member, or someone from a military health charity to refer you.

To make a referral, save a copy of the form and complete it. When you're ready, email it to us. 

Open referral form (pdf)

Call 0300 365 2000 (Press option 4)


Supporting Veterans Healthcare

TILS is part of our Op COURAGE Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

We’re committed to helping our Veterans caring for their mental and physical health, and supporting their family and carers.

Find out more about how we support veterans healthcare