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Section 49 reports

Request a report

If you are a legal representative and want to enquire as to whether Berkshire Healthcare is the appropriate public body to produce a report pursuant to Section 49 Mental Capacity Act 2005, please contact our team

Email MentalCapacityAct@Berkshire.nhs.uk

Our mailbox is not continuously monitored, but is checked on working days between 9am to 5pm. 

When you contact us, please include all relevant information set out in paragraph 7(a)-(c) of Practice Direction 14E.

Read the Practice Direction 14E on the judiciary.uk website (pdf)

To enable us to provide a timely and accurate response to your request please ensure you include:

  • The details of the person the report will be about
  • The purpose of the report and what issues or questions the author will be asked to address
  • The date of the hearing at which the court will be asked to consider making the section 49 order 

Please ensure you take steps to send confidential personal information securely. External email addresses may not be secure.