Berkshire Eating Disorders Service

Berkshire Eating Disorders Service aims to provide a comprehensive range of care for the population of Berkshire suffering with diagnosable eating disorders. The service will provide appropriate care for adults up to the age of 65 referred into the service.

The provision of the service will be available across all tiers of mental health care with the treatment provided being informed by current research and clinical governance and taking into account the views and experiences of the users of the service and their families, relatives and carers.

Furthermore all staff will be working together towards establishing a reputation for the Berkshire Eating Disorders Service within the region as a centre of excellent practice, with the provision of innovative assessment and treatment packages backed up by robust audit and research programmes.

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The Butterfly of FreedomAbout Our Service


The Berkshire Eating Disorders Service aims to provide treatment, help and support for all people living in Berkshire who are struggling with an eating disorder. As a Service we understand the difficulties involved in facing up to having an eating disorder and the issues around secrecy and shame that can often lead to people suffering in silence and therefore not being able to access the help and support that is available to them in Berkshire.

We will continue to strive to make our services as accessible as possible.


To this end we have eating disorders clinics running accross the county in places like Slough, Wokingham and Newbury as well as clinics at Reading University and Royal Holloway University to provide support for students studying in Berkshire.


The Service provides Day Treatment at St Marks Hospital in Maidenhead, Outpatient Care at St Marks and Erleigh Road in Reading, and Intensive Home Treatment through its community-based team which covers the whole of Berkshire. This wide network of support ensures that the most appropriate level of treatment can be provided to patients through individual packages of care, based on presentation type and level of severity.


We are also very keen to take advantage of the new forms of technology that have been appearing and use them to increase our level of support, as Berkshire is a large, long county and we are quite a small service and so we can increase our coverage of the population by making use of the internet. So we thought it would be a good idea to develop our own website that would enable us to get our message out to the people who will benefit from knowing who we are, where we are and what we do.