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Do you have a sister with anorexia?
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We know from our own experience of trying to support and help people suffering with an eating disorder just how difficult and frustrating a process it can be for all involved however whenever it is your own daughter, son, wife, girlfriend or partner it will make the whole process an awful lot more difficult.


The tensions and emotions that can surface during a person's recovery process can be very difficult for others to manage and make sense of. We appreciate that relatives and carers need support themselves and look to provide ways of supporting them delivered from our service (e.g. SHaRON) and also information that might be helpful as provided below.


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Help for carersThis document provides answers to questions frequently asked by carers.



Regular Eating

Regular EatingThis documents explains what regular eating is and the importance of it.



Normal Healthy Eating

Normal Healthy EatingNormal healthy eating is vital for good health. If you know someone who has struggled with disordered eating, you may be confused about what thier plate should look like and what foods to choose.


This document includes some guidelines about the number of portions from each food group which an average adult should have to achieve healthy nutrition.

Understanding Emotions

Understanding emotionsThis document aims to help understanding of emotional reactions to someone suffering with anorexia nervosa.


Berkshire Eating Disorder - Information for relatives and carers

Help for family and relations This document explains the help provided by the service for parents, partners, other relatives and carers of someone with an eating disorder.


Service Information Booklet

Service Information BookletThis is a booklet which we provide to the clients at the time of the initial assessment. It contains useful information about how the service works, information about the different types of eating disorders and their symptoms, tips on first steps towards recovery, recommended self-help literature and useful contacts and websites.

The place of family or relationship therapy in a multi disciplinary eating disorders team

Help for Families, Partners and RelativesIt is important to work with the families of eating disorder patients.


Many young women and men that are seen struggle with adolescent issues of identity, self-image and esteem, individuation and leaving home.