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Mood Diary

The Mood Diary is our new app which helps you record how you’re feeling, and offers suggestions on how to boost your mood.

The app works in three simple steps:

  1. Record how you’re feeling whenever you notice your mood change, or when the app reminds you to
  2. Select what you think the reason might be for your mood change
  3. Try one of the many different techniques the app suggests to boost your mood, and make a note of whether you feel it’s worked

Over time, your diary will show you what has or hasn’t helped.

What makes the Mood Diary unique is that it securely sends this information to your healthcare record. This means that you and your healthcare professional can look at your progress at your next appointment, and make changes to your care to suit your needs.

Watch our video below, or visit our YouTube channel, to find out more about The Mood Diary.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch our video - The Mood Diary (opens new browser tab) 


  • Record how you’re feeling throughout the day, and whether the suggestions have helped you
  • Access your Safety Plan instantly and securely - meaning you no longer need to carry around paper notes
  • Review your progress with your healthcare professional at your next appointment
  • Share your Safety Plan with relatives and carers by email 
  • View a complete diary of how you have felt a daily or weekly basis
  • Access emergency contacts and online support services

How to access The Mood Diary

You can download The Mood Diary onto your smartphone free from your device app store 

Visit the App Store (iOS) (opens new browser tab)

Visit the Google Play (Android) (opens new browser tab)

It’s currently available to patients being supported by our Early Intervention in Psychosis Service, and our Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Teams.

If you’d like to start using the Mood Diary app, speak to your healthcare professional.

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Can I access my Safety Plan and record my mood once I have downloaded the Mood Diary app?

No, you will need to be onboarded by your healthcare professional first before you start recording. 

What does onboarded mean?

To make sure we link the right record to the right person, we need to take you through a few steps. This will be done with your healthcare professional. 

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Currently, the Mood App is only available for iOS and Android smartphone devices. 

What happens to the mood data I record and what is it used for?

The details that you take are sent securely to your Berkshire Healthcare record. This will be reviewed by you and your healthcare professional during your appointments, to make sure you’re getting the right support. 

Who else can see what I’ve recorded?

Only healthcare professionals who are involved with your care can access this information. 

How often can I record my mood?

You can record your mood as often as you wish and access your safety plan as many times as you like. 

Is the Mood Diary app monitored 24/7?

The information you record in the app will NOT be routinely monitored, if you require assistance you should use your safety plan or your emergency contacts. 

Can I continue to use the Mood Diary app after I have been discharged from the service?

Yes, you can continue to use the Mood Diary app, however the mood recordings will not be monitored. We will send you an SMS text message to confirm this when you’re discharged from Berkshire Healthcare. 

What happens if I delete the Mood Diary app?

The Mood Diary app will be removed from your smartphone just like any other app. The recordings you’ve made up to that point will be deleted from your phone, but they will still remain on your medical records. This is to help your healthcare professional if you ever need to come back to us for support in future. 

I already have other apps to record how I’m feeling – how is the Mood App different?

The Mood Diary is securely connected to your Berkshire Healthcare record, which means all of your notes are in one place.

This can make it easier for you and your healthcare professional to see what you’ve recorded, and discuss how you’re doing at your next appointment.