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We're smoke free

We’re now a smoke free organisation. We’re asking all patients, staff and visitors not to smoke while they’re visiting our services or sites and, in the long run, encouraging them to quit altogether.

To do this, we’re working together with Smoke Free Life Berkshire, a local service which helps people to stop smoking.

Read our full policy on going smoke free <LINK>

The effects of smoking

Smoking is the greatest factor in causing preventable illness and early death in both physical and mental health and it contributes to high local death rates from both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

How to stop smoking

You can find lots of local support to help you stop smoking. Solutions4Health offer a 12 week programme, including free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), for anyone living in Berkshire.

Find out more about quitting with Solutions4Health:

Phone: 0800 622 6360

Text: QUIT to 66777

Website: smokefreelifeBerkshire