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SHaRON (Support Hope and Recovery Online Network)


Berkshire NHS teams use social media to tackle anorexia

NHS teams use social media to tackle anorexia

28 November 2013

Watch story on BBC News Berkshire


Highlight today was finding Berkshire Healthcare @BHFT social network for people with eating disorders #SHaRON. Everywhere could have one.


SHaRON is a safe, secure and dedicated online social networking hub that can provide help and support to anyone receiving treatment for an Eating Disorder. SHaRON is set up to provide peer to peer, and clinical support to people affected by an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorder. It also provides help for those who are caring for, or supporting someone with an eating disorder.


Sharon InformationWhat is SHaRON?




SHaRON: A Consultants Perspective.

SHaRON is managed by people who have had help and support from an Eating Disorder Service and are now in a position where they can share their experience and expertise in recovering from a serious eating disorder.

They are joined online by members of the service clinical teams, who are now able to play their part in providing further help and support through SHaRON.

SHaRON exists so that no one suffering with an eating disorder will have to suffer in silence or on their own. By getting together and sharing experiences we will all be better for it!

SHaRON has been created with three key functions in mind

  1. To provide a safe, secure and comfortable social environment for members of the eating disorders service to network, communicate and support each other.
  2. To allow clinicians and some (end of treatment) service members, direct access to service members at anytime of the day or night. Without the need for face to face meetings.
  3. To allow service members, direct access to Clinicians, at anytime of the day or night. Without the need for face to face meetings.

SHaRON is secure and only available to invited users. It is not open or available to members of the public.


Screen shot of members profile page.
Example of SHaRON members profile page.


If you are a commissioner or clinician and would like to know more about SHaRON, please call Jonathon Burton on: 0118 982 2931

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EHI Award Finalist 2013