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Physical Rehabilitation at our Oakwood Unit

We can help you with short term physical rehabilitation once you’ve left acute care at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, or to prevent you having to visit the hospital at all.

Once you’ve been admitted to our unit, you’ll be assessed by the relevant professionals (including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists) before being set a few goals to achieve during your stay.

These goals make up your personal therapy, care and support plan to help you get back home.

They could include:

  • Being able to walk a certain distance
  • Building and improving confidence
  • Using equipment or walking with an aid
  • Being independent with everyday tasks such as washing and dressing
  • Being able to climb stairs

We aim to improve your abilities and independence so you can go home safely as soon as possible. When you’re ready to leave, we might recommend that you see a community based healthcare professional to help you continue improving.

You can stay in our unit for a few days or a few weeks, depending on the help you need. We have 24 rooms but, as long as you’re not unwell, you’ll be able to move freely around the ward.

While you’re staying at our unit, we expect you to:

  • Get washed and dressed daily
  • Go to the dining room for lunch
  • Fully participate in your physiotherapy and occupations therapy treatment plan
  • Participate in communal treatment exercises and activities

Soon after your arrival, we’ll set you an expected discharge date. This date is flexible and can be brought forward if you make quick progress, or moved back if you still need help.

If you’re planning a stay at our unit, please bring:

  • At least three sets of clothes for the day
  • At least three sets of clothes for the night including a dressing gown
  • At least five sets of underwear and socks or tights
  • One pair of well fitted slippers
  • One pair of well fitted shoes
  • Any toiletries you need, including soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, denture cream and/or cleansing tablets, deodorant, shaving cream and razor/electric razor

Our unit is open to visitors between 2pm and 8pm every day.

However we ask that visitors avoid arriving between 5pm and 6pm. This is when our patients have their evening meal, and we would like to avoid any unnecessary disruption. 

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