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A great place to work

No one knows the ins and outs of our services like our own staff, making you our most valuable asset and the drivers of change and innovation across our trust.

Our Quality Improvement programme, which is currently being rolled out across every department and embedded into everything we do, is focused on empowering every single member of staff by providing tools that let you make big and small changes to the way you work, driving our efficiency and enhancing the care that we provide. If you think we can do it better, we want you to show us how.

You can also get involved in our Big Conversations, where we ask you “what are the barriers you face each day” and work with you to find solutions that can benefit everyone. No topic is too big or too small to be addressed during one of our Big Conversations.

We’re also embracing the new digital age and introducing cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionising the way we provide care. Telehealth, electronic prescribing and digital peer support (all part of our Global Digital Exemplar programme) are just a few of our projects that are simplifying processes, reducing the risk to patients and improving healthcare across our local community.