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Our recruitment process

Value based recruitment

We have a strong set of values that we expect all of our staff to demonstrate in their day to day work. These are:

  • Caring for and about you is our top priority
  • Committed to providing good quality, safe services
  • Working together with you to develop innovative solutions

Your values based interview

During your interview, we’ll ask you to share examples of situations where you’ve demonstrated a particular skill or how you’ve handled a specific issue. In some cases, we might also ask you to carry out a values based exercise. We’ll then assess your strengths and development needs against a number of behavioural indicators to help us with our decision.

You should prepare by taking some time to understand our values and how you can demonstrate these during your interview. You can find an outline of the behaviours we expect to see in a successful applicant on all of our job descriptions.

You can also read some of our expected behaviours here:

Our values based exercises

During some of our interviews, we use a number of exercises to help us assess how you could meet our values. We’ll let you know about any exercises in your interview confirmation letter.

All of our interviewing managers have been trained in how to assess applicants using values and behaviours. We’ll always make an objective, fair and accurate assessment of your performance and use this to make our final decision.

If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment team on 0118 2077 640.



We’ll ask you to take part in a group discussion with other applicants to assess how you work as part of a team, reach decisions and achieve the objectives outlined in a brief.




We’ll ask you to role play in a one-to-one meeting with an actor who will represent someone you would need to work with. We’ll give you some background information to the scenario and time to prepare on the day. We’re not expecting you to act but to deal with the situation as you would in real life.




We’ll ask you to complete one or more multiple choice tests to assess your skills that are relevant to the job your applying for. We’ll give you more information about these in your interview confirmation letter.



We’ll ask you to deal with a number of items in an in-tray within a certain amount of time. This exercise simulates some of the planning and administrative aspects of the role.
Presentation exercise

We’ll give you some information to review and prepare a short presentation on. This exercise will let us assess your effectiveness at understanding information and presenting data and ideas. It will also let us see how you present and interact with a small audience.