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A great place to work

Our vision is to be recognised as the leading community and mental health service provider by our staff, patients and partners.

As an organisation, we’re committed to the wellbeing of both our staff and our patients and do everything we can to make sure that we put the right people in the right place at the right time to deliver an excellent service.

Our staff feel valued for the contributions they make towards improving our services. Each year our Staff Survey results improve and, in 2016, we were voted one of the top 100 places to work in the UK by Stonewall.

We encourage our staff to take a positive attitude and work in close collaboration with each other and external partners - such as the University of Reading, Oxford Academic Science Network and Health Education England (Thames Valley) - to always achieve the best outcomes.

We value diversity in the workplace and know that having a varied workforce can improve both our staff wellbeing and the quality of service we provide.

We want to promote equality throughout our workforce and have created a number of networks and ‘task and finish’ groups to support work on specific protected characteristics. Our networks are open to all staff members who want to help promote equality. Our networks are also responsible for creating action plans to combat bullying and discrimination from staff and patients to make sure that everyone has a friendly work environment.

Find out more about our staff networks.

We regularly invite all our staff to give feedback to each other and our senior teams on the challenges they face in their day to day work. These challenges can affect both staff wellbeing, increasing stress and workplace sickness, and the quality of the services we deliver.

Staff are given the opportunity to get into groups and discuss ways to reduce or remove these challenges before feeding their ideas back to our senior teams. We’ll then do everything we can to make things easier for everyone.

Our LiA initiative focuses on how individual teams can come together and improve the way they work by removing the challenges they face.

Any team can apply to become an LiA pioneer team and go through a process much like our Big Conversations.

They’ll work together to understand the challenges and find innovative solutions that will allow them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

We want our staff to feel like they can make a difference and empower our pioneer teams to make the changes we all want to see. They then share their experience with others to help inspire them and continue improving everything we do.

Our Bright Ideas programme is designed to help staff members who have a new and innovative idea come to life.

This idea might be related to the team or department our staff member is already working in or it might be to help a completely different area of the organisation.

Staff members who come to our Bright Ideas panel are given support from senior staff to help them connect with the right people across the organisation. They’ll then help set up a working group and bring in resources from other departments, such as Marketing and Communications, the Web Team and Finance, to see the project through to the end.