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Veterans' Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS)

If you’re a military veteran, reservist, or a serving personnel member of the Armed Forces, we can help you access mental health and wellbeing support. 

TILS is part of our Op COURAGE Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service.

We’re committed to helping our Veterans caring for their mental and physical health, and supporting their family and carers.

Find out more about how we support veterans healthcare

We’re still available for contact and support, and we’re able to provide appointments via phone or video calls.

We are also offering face to face appointments in some locations.

Whether you’re currently serving, or you left military service some time ago, we know it can take time to come to terms with your experiences.

Watch our short video to know more about how we can help you. 

 Sometimes these experiences can affect both your mental health and emotional wellbeing, such as:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Worrying too much
  • Low mood
  • Problems with sleeping
  • Moving on from life in the military
  • Controlling anger and frustration
  • Alcohol and drug and gambling issues
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

These difficulties can happen the first time you come home, or even years after leaving the Armed Forces. We understand the unique culture of military service. We can help you identify the early signs of difficulties, and support you with the treatment and support you need.

Our support is available to anyone who has served in the Armed Forces community regardless of length of time served, rank or reason for leaving.

What we can do

When you’re referred to us, we’ll arrange an initial assessment with you so that we can get to know you and your situation better. This could be through a face to face appointment, or online. Our aim is to empower you to move forward with your life and get the support you need.

Depending on your circumstances we may introduce you to other specialist NHS services. This could an NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) or other mental health services. If we think it would help, we may refer you to our Veteran’s Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS).

Visit our CTS service webpage to find out more

We can also guide you to local and national organisations who can help you with areas like employment, housing, socialising, overcoming alcohol dependency, and boosting your general wellbeing.

We encourage family members to be involved in your care, and we can help them find support that can help them.

We’re committed to helping our Veterans caring for their mental and wellbeing and supporting their family and carers.

Our service is available to:

  • Former members of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force regardless of rank, number of years of service or reason for leaving.
  • Reservists who are not currently mobilised
  • Those who have served in the Merchant Navy in support of military operations
  • Those that have served their National Service
  • Former members of the Territorial Army


If you’re an Armed Forces veteran, you can refer yourself, or ask a family member to refer you, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident in England
  • Have served in the UK Armed Forces for a full day
  • Be registered with a GP practice in England or be willing to register with a GP
  • Be able to provide your military service number or another form of acceptable proof of eligibility 

Serving Personnel

If you’re currently serving in the Armed Forces and looking for support, you must be a resident in England, and have an identified mental health condition.

You must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a discharge date from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) or be found to be unfit for continued military service by their medical board; OR
  • Have been identified by the Departments of Community Mental Health as requiring follow on psychiatric care on discharge from the MOD; OR
  • Have had a pre-release medical and been identified by your DMS GP as requiring mental health transition support; OR
  • Have had a pre-release medical before you self-refer 

Referrals and advice

If you meet the criteria for either a Veteran or a Serving Personnel member, you can send a referral to us by calling, emailing, or contacting your GP. 

Call 0300 365 2000 (option 4)

You can also contact your GP or health professional to refer you.

To make a referral, save a copy of the form and complete it. When you're ready, email it to us. 

Open referral form (pdf)

You can also contact us for advice before making a referral

Call 0118 214 3262


Our team is available for contact between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you contact us outside of these times, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We provide support across all of South Central, including Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Isle of Wight.

We typically arrange face to face appointments in local GP clinics and community venues.

Depending on your needs, we can offer you a face to face appointment within 25 miles of your home address. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm 9am - 5pm Closed Closed

We also work in partnership with Avon and Wiltshire Partnership across the South West, including Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset.

If you feel that you need urgent support you can get help by calling NHS 111, and they will help you get the right support. 

Remember to tell the person you speak to you have served in the Armed Forces, so they can provide the right support.

Call NHS 111

If you, or someone you know is in immediate risk of harm, then please call 999. 

We’re introducing new online videos to help Vets who can’t make face-to-face appointments.

We have four videos, covering Sleep Hygiene, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Grounding, and Depression.

Sleep Hygiene 




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