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Parkinson's service

If you have Parkinson’s, we can provide support for you and your family/carers.

Once you’ve been referred into our service, we can provide support through regular reviews in our clinics, at your home or over the telephone.

When we first see you, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your condition and how you are feeling about it.

We will then be able to provide you with the support, information and advice you need.

We’ll also liaise with your GP and consultants and help you manage any changes to your medication.

You can be referred into the service by your GP or healthcare profession through our Health Hub. The hub manages all referrals for Berkshire Healthcare community services.

If you’re known to us and have used our service in the past, you can refer yourself back to us by phone.

Phone number  01635 273303.

You can contact our service between the following times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am - 4pm 9am - 4pm 9am - 4pm 9am - 4pm 9am - 4pm

West Berkshire Community Hospital 

London Road
RG18 3AS

Phone number  01635 273300

1st and 2nd Thursday of every month
1.30pm - 4.30pm


Wokingham Community Hospital 

Wokingham Community Hospital
Barkham Road
Wokingham , Berkshire
RG41 2RE

Phone number  01635 273303

1st and 2nd Tuesday of every month
9am - 3pm