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Specialist Children's Service - Nursing Team

Children and young people with complex health needs and a learning difficulty can be referred to us if they are aged up to 19-years-old (if still in a special school) and registered with a Berkshire GP. 

We offer:

  • Children’s Community Nursing (Berkshire East) - children and young people with complex health needs and a learning difficulty. We have a designated, named nurse for each special school
  • Manor Green Respite - children and young people with complex health needs and a learning difficulty who are also known to the community nursing team
  • Ryeish Green Respite – children and young people with complex health needs who meet the Continuing Health Criteria (CHC). This is done by a formal CHC assessment
  • Specialist School Nursing Service (Berkshire West) – any child or young person with a nursing need who attends a special school.

Children’s Community Nursing – Berkshire East

We accept referrals from health services, education professionals and social care workers, parents and carers, and young people themselves. Click here to make an online referral. If your referral is urgent, please call us on 0300 365 1234, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

If the referral is accepted, we’ll contact you within 48 hours if your child has an immediate nursing need, or within five working days if your child’s nursing needs are routine.

If the referral is not accepted, we’ll inform you straight away.

If you require nursing help outside normal working hours, please contact your GP or nearest walk-in centre.

Manor Green Respite

Referrals for this service come from the children’s community nursing team only.

Once a referral is accepted, we’ll contact you within seven working days to arrange a home visit for a respite assessment.

Ryeish Green Children's Respite

Most placements at Ryeish Green Children's Respite will be referred by the Continuing Health Care Panel, which is a team of representation from local authorities, education and health. This panel makes a decision on whether the child or young person meets the Continuing Health Care (CHC) Criteria. 

If the child’s needs meet the CHC criteria, a care package will be put into place and they may be referred to the team at Ryeish Green Bungalow.

Under 3s who do not meet the CHC criteria but have an identified nursing need can be referred through the Acute Children's Community Nursing team at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Specialist School Nursing – Berkshire West


Our Specialist School Nurses deliver health and nursing care to children and young people attending special schools in West Berkshire. No referral is required.