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Physiotherapy for Children

In our Children and Young People's Integrated Therapy (CYPIT) services, we offer an integrated approach to assessment and care planning so that the right people are involved in assessing you or your child and supporting you to achieve your goals.

We are a team of specialist paediatric physiotherapists. Our aim is to help achieve positive outcomes working towards goals that are functional, meaningful & important for your child. We work closely in partnership with children/young people, parents, carers, education staff and a range of professionals to help your child achieve the goals that we have agreed with you.

We help children to:

  • develop their gross motor skills

We can also advise on:

  • postural needs
  • mobility (including walking)
  • specialist equipment (specialist seating, standing equipment, mobility aids, splints etc.)

If you have concerns or want to know more about normal child development, you can find information and strategies to try at home or in school on our CYPIT toolkits.

Read our CYPIT toolkit: the early years

Read our CYPIT toolkit: the school years

We work directly with children and through school staff and parents, providing recommendations, strategies, and/or programmes of exercises/activities to be carried out to support your child in a range of different environments. We can also deliver training and education for both parents and school staff to ensure ongoing development for your child.

For all new referrals please contact our Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) HealthHub:

Click here to make an online referral

Please phone 0300 365 1234 if your referral is urgent.