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Community Paediatricians

We provide medical advice, assessments, diagnosis and treatment for children in Berkshire aged up to the age of 18 (or 19 if still in full time education).

Our team helps to manage a range of childhood disabilities and disorders by providing community clinics.


Our team helps to manage a range of childhood disabilities and disorders by providing community clinics.

We also help to provide services for safeguarding children and young people.

We see children with concerns relating to:
• Development
• Growth and nutrition
• Special Educational Needs
• Behavioural issues
• Common childhood problems

We also work with Looked After Children in foster care.

As well as our main locations, we also offer clinics at school for children who go to Arbour Vale School, Slough, Manor Green School, Maidenhead or Kennel Lane School, Bracknell.

We aim to be flexible and are able to adapt to the needs of our patients whether that be due to clinical needs, social circumstances, ethnicity or culture.

We see children who are under 18 (19 if in special school) or registered with a GP in East Berkshire. Services in West Berkshire are provided by Royal Berkshire Hospital.  

We accept referrals from GPs or other health professionals, including health visitors and school nurses who’ve been working with the child. Referrals should be made through our online referral form. You can also give us a call on 0300 365 1234 if you have difficulties filling in the form or need urgent help.

Once we’ve accepted a referral, we’ll allocate a doctor and arrange to see your child within 18 weeks. We’ll send you a letter confirming the appointment date approximately three weeks in advance.

If we can’t accept the referral, we’ll notify the referrer immediately.  


Our clinics are designed specifically for children and young people.

We have child changing facilities, access for pushchairs/wheelchairs and disabled, children and family car parking spaces at the front of our clinics.

Our services are located at:

Fir Tree House

Upton Hospital

Albert Street



Phone: (01753) 635530

St Mark's Hospital

St Mark's Road

Phone: (01753) 635530

The Margaret Wells-Furby Clinic

15 Great Hollands Square
Bracknell , Berkshire
RG12 8UX

Phone: (01344) 456416