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We can help educate and support you in managing your adult diabetes.

Once you’ve been referred to our service by your GP, we’ll book you appointment at one of our clinics that run on Tuesday mornings and all day Wednesday.

After you’ve checked in at the clinic, one of our healthcare assistants will check your weight and blood pressure before you’re called by a consultant. If you think you need it, you can ask to see one of our specialist nurses or dieticians after your appointment.

During your visit, you’ll be told about the different ways we can support you. This could be over the phone or face to face at one of our educational courses. It’s important you have the knowledge and understanding to effectively manage your diabetes and education is a big part of this.

We’ll send you a letter four weeks before your follow up is due asking you to book in a new meeting with our team.

During your time in our service, you'll meet the following people:

  • Healthcare assistants – your first point of contact with our service
  • Specialist nurses – help with clinical support and education
  • Dieticians – help you with your diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • Consultants (diabetologists) – meet with you at our clinic
  • Associate specialists – highly skilled GPs with a specialist interest in diabetes

If you’re worried about diabetes, you can ask your GP or healthcare professional to refer you by:

  • Calling 07798 63642 and speaking to a nurse
  • Faxing a referral letter (including patient details, past medical history, current medication and referral reason) to 01753 636624 to make an appointment with a nurse, consultant or dietician
  • Filling out our Podiatry Referral form 
  • Filling out our Group Education Referral form

If you’re registered with a GP in West Berkshire, you can find out about referrals by visiting the Berkshire West Service website.

We can help you learn about Gestational Diabetes (developing high blood sugar levels during pregnancy) at the weekly sessions we run in partnership with our dieticians.

It’s important to manage diabetes carefully during pregnancy to make sure you and your baby are safe. If you need medication for diabetes, you can visit our joint diabetes and antenatal clinic every Friday at Wexham Park Hospital.

Our specialist nurses work closely with the inpatient wards at Wexham Park Hospital. If you’re identified as someone who needs help managing their diabetes, they will offer you support and guidance during your stay and after you’ve been discharged.

Our Talking Therapies service can help you manage your Type 2 Diabetes and improve your overall wellbeing with our online course ‘Space for Diabetes Wellbeing’.

You can register online, or call 0300 365 2000 quoting ‘Diabetes Online’.

We hold quarterly focus groups at our Diabetes Centre to give you an opportunity to share your views and experiences.

We’ll use your feedback to continue improving the standard of our care and the service we offer you.

If you’d like to participate in the Diabetes Patient Focus group, call us on 01753 636612.