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Armed Forces Transition Service (AFTS)

Transitioning out of the Armed Forces can be hard. The AFTS helps you manage your transition and mental health by creating a care plan with goals for your health, employment, housing and social life. 

AFTS is a multi-disciplinary team made up of clinical psychologists, care coordinators and recovery support workers.
Members of the team will meet with you before your discharge date to do a detailed assessment of your mental health needs and to start developing your care plan.

They’ll help you set some aims and objectives that focus on both your mental health and your general wellbeing.

This could be help with employment, housing, socialising, alcohol reduction and the criminal justice system. Objectives might include contacting your local housing authority or engaging with a local NHS team or support group.

Your care plan will be reviewed and updated regularly as you move through your transition out of the Armed Forces.

The team will also work closely with your family and carers whenever possible to provide you and your loved ones with the best support.

If you have an agreed discharge date, you can be referred to the service in the following ways:

  • Self-referral or referral by a family member
  • Through the Departments of Community Mental Health
  • Through your General Practitioner (GP) from the Defence Medical Services
  • Through a Personal Recovery Unit

To make a referral, contact our Common Point of Entry (CPE) team by:

Phone number  0300 365 0300

Email address

The AFTS aims to book your assessment within 14 days of receiving a referral.