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Working towards a cure for dementia

Photo of Dementia Event 2017

More than 100 people recently attended an event for anyone affected by dementia. Hosted by the National Institute for Health Research, the jointly run event provided guests with the latest information on drug trials and helped explain the biology of dementia in easy to understand terms.

Oxford Health’s Dr Jane Fossey spoke about the role of care homes, and the environment people are cared for in.

“Over 80% of people in care homes have a form of dementia and homes/hospital wards should consider how their environment can help those living with dementia. A few years back the Prime Minister’s challenge fund allowed healthcare providers to apply for investment to change the environment for those with dementia. This made a dramatic difference to many patients,” explained Dr Fossey.

We received almost £1million from the fund which was used to transform our Rowan ward and Oakwood Unit at Prospect Park Hospital. Improvements there included creating a sensory environment with colour schemes and music to create different atmospheres. Gardens were also redesigned to help reduce agitation, give access to fresh air and promote relaxation.

Other speakers included our Consultant Psychiatrist, Jacqui Hussey and our Clinical Director for Research, Gwen Bonner. Also speaker were Dr Rupert McShane, Consultant Psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Professor Simon Lovestone, Professor of Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oxford’s Department of Psychiatry.