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Sam and our Spiritual Care team

Picture of Sam from our Spiritual Care team

Sam, a wedding administrator and mother of two, has been volunteering with our Spiritual Care team at West Berkshire Community Hospital since mid 2015.

She visits patients on our Highclere and Donnington wards to help them with prayer and, in some cases, take communion to them.

Sam explained, “A hospital stay can be a little daunting, a time when people feel at their most vulnerable and, for those of faith, our visits can be uplifting and comforting. 

“Another aspect of my role that I find rewarding is supporting the families of patients, many of whom have been admitted for end of life care. For families of faith, it too can be a comfort to know that the spiritual care team can be there to support them.

“While that is a large part of what I and the team do, I’m happy just to chat as sometimes a little conversation can provide a break in hospital routine and matter just as much to patients, faith or not. Patients are ordinary human beings who, like most of us, like to talk about their families and perhaps need that sympathetic ear.

Also, I hope it takes a little pressure from other staff by knowing that we have time to chat with the patients when they might not. Needless to say, I find my volunteering enjoyable and rewarding.”