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Celebrating our volunteers

Volunteers helping to save the day

It’s not just our staff who stepped up to tackle COVID-19. Since the outbreak began, we’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in Berkshire who came forward and offered to volunteer with us.

Throughout April and May 2020, we recruited 76 new volunteers who, along with our existing volunteers, made an unimaginable impact on our services and to our patients.

They’ve joined us in the fight against COVID-19 by:

  • Making ‘wellbeing calls’ to our most vulnerable and isolated patients to make sure they’re coping ok
  • Helping with transportation, picking up and delivering prescriptions, medication, PPE and shopping to patients and services
  • Providing admin support to all of our existing services and clinics that have carried on operating during the outbreak.

Our volunteers have received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which recognises the outstanding achievements of volunteer groups and puts a spotlight on the time, skills and energy that our volunteers have and continue to devote to the benefit of others.

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Sam - one of our volunteers

Sam at our Prospect Park Hospital Pharmacy

At the start of lockdown, Sam came home from University and decided to spend his time helping others by becoming an online tutor and volunteering in his local community.

He joined our Pharmacy team in April and has been working hard to help us transport medicine to our wards and clinics, as well as helping with our out of hours service.

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Andy - one of our volunteers

Andy support our Rapid Response and COVID-19 testing

Andy has kept himself busy during lockdown by volunteering his time his services to two of our essential critical services; our Rapid Response and Treatment (RRT) service for Care Homes and at one of our three COVID-19 test centres.  

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Mac - one of our volunteers

Mac and our East Berkshire services

Mac, who has been working as a Peer Mentor with his local Opportunity Recovery College for some time, decided that he wanted to volunteer in other ways in his spare time.

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Inspired by his experiences, he's written a poem to show what volunteering means to him and paying tribute to others who donate their time.

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Colin - one of our volunteers

Colin at our Chaplaincy

Colin's experience and compassion have been critical in helping some of our most vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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