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Local restriction Tiers

This page was updated Friday 27 November

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the government has introduced a three Tier system for different parts of the country.

This new tier system will begin Wednesday 2 December.

The three tiers are:

  • Tier 1: Medium alert
  • Tier 2: High alert
  • Tier 3: Very High alert

Depending on which tier your local area is in will affect what you can and can’t do, such as travel, going to the shops, and visiting others.

Find out what you can do in each Tier 

You should continue to follow the Hands.Face.Space advice from the government, regardless of which Tier you’re in.

Find out how to follow Hands.Face.Space 

Find out which Tier you're in

You can find full details about Tiers, and check which Tier you’re in, by visiting the website.

This new tier system will begin Wednesday 2 December but keep checking to see if there are any further changes.

You can also download and print Tier posters from the website.

Visit the website to see which Tier you're in


How the Tier system will affect your care

We’re working hard to make sure that you can still get the support you need during this pandemic.

If your appointment with us needs to change due to the Tier system, we’ll contact you to make other arrangements.

Depending on your needs and your appointment, we may be able to offer a consultation over a call or video call. 

If you do need urgent medical help, please contact NHS 111

Visit NHS111 website

If it’s an emergency, please call 999 

Visiting others in hospital

You must arrange your visit in advance. Please do not turn up without agreeing with the service first.

We appreciate that it’s a difficult time for everyone, but we kindly ask that you respect the guidelines that we’re putting in place, and our staff who are doing their best.

Read our notice for all visitors