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Our commitment to the BAME community

Equality and inclusion matter to us because we know that every single person counts and everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

From 2014, eliminating discrimination in employment on the grounds of ethnicity has been a key priority for the NHS as a whole.

We want Berkshire Healthcare to be a great place to work. However, we know there is more we need to do to make sure this is the case for everyone.

Our Equality and Inclusion strategy 2016-2020 sets out our priority areas for making improvements for BAME staff.

Read our Equality and Inclusion strategy 2016-2020 (pdf

Our BAME network has continued to grow and has further developed a vibrant membership including champions. In 2019 they ran three key events to celebrate dates within the Diversity Calendar: 

  • Asian Heritage Month
  • Windrush
  • Black History Month 

Each of these events were well attended and have continued to raise the visibility of the amazing contributions our BAME staff make to the organisation, community and wider society.

The network works closely with Executive Directors, senior leadership and other departments, providing advice, guidance and scrutiny, to ensure we are developing an inclusive organisation.

The BAME network has continued to champion and promote the Making It Right initiative across the organisation. In September 2019, cohort 4 of the program started and candidates have completed the workshops.

To date more than a third of Making it Right graduates have already secured promotion and other have been seconded to more senior positions.

Find out about our staff networks

Our Workforce Race Equality standard was submitted in September 2019, and steady progress is being made, with the Making it Right programme starting to have an impact.

However, this improvement is not yet reflected in the experiences of our staff through the National Staff Survey and therefore further work is needed to see the improvements we aspire to. 

The NHS England WRES Team has provided us with specific aspirational targets and we are planning to undertake some more detailed analysis to inform our proposed workforce targets.

These will be informed by the aspirational targets and our assessment of workforce supply at different bands to ensure we are working on the right things. 

Read our WRES and WDES plans