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Specialist Dentistry

Our service is here for children and young people who need a lot of dental treatment and who might be uncooperative, nervous or need to be sedated for a procedure.


We don’t normally treat children who can be treated by a general dentist. If we feel your child should be treated by a general dentist, we’ll help you find one. Also, we don’t take children’s teeth out under general anaesthetic for orthodontic treatment. Instead, we will refer you to a dentist or orthodontist.

Visit our Blogs area for some blogs on keeping your child's teeth healthy.

Your child will usually be offered the first available appointment at your nearest clinic. If you request a particular dentist, there might be a longer wait for an appointment.

We carry out a full assessment of your child’s needs at one of our clinics to work out how we can provide the right care for them.

Sometimes, children who need to have a lot of teeth out, or have a severe dental infection, need to have their treatment under general anaesthetic in hospital. If this is the case with your child, we’ll work with you to make sure this is as stress-free as possible.

You can refer into our service in the following ways:

  • Completing our dental professionals and GPs referral form (see below)
  • Completing our professionals, young people, parents and carers referral form (see below)
  • Contacting us on 07780 924990

To access our service, children and young people need to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Requiring dental treatment but are uncooperative
  • Likely to require extractions under general anaesthetic
  • Having a learning, physical or severe medical disability
  • Having severe mental health problems
  • Having a severe dental phobia
  • Unable to leave their home and require treatment there

Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept referrals by email. Please don’t send confidential information by email.

Phone: 07780 924990

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