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Occupational Therapy

We specialise in enabling children and young people to participate as fully as possible in the activities of everyday life, become as independent as possible, and interact with others and the world around them..

The children who use our service find things like dressing, feeding, handwriting, socialising and play difficult. This could be due to a problem with their fine motor skills, co-ordination skills, perception skills and/or sensory processing (the ability to make sense of the world around them). 

In response to the pandemic and current situation The Children and Young People’s Integrated Therapies (CYPIT) service is having to work slightly differently. We continue to offer support via video/telephone call appointments and face to face visits where these are essential. If we have identified that your child needs our direct support, we will contact you to arrange appointments and/or make you aware of visits to see your child in school/nursery as relevant.

If your child/young person is already known to our service and you have a query, concern or need advice, or you need to cancel/re-arrange a scheduled appointment, please call your local administration team:

  • East Berkshire (Slough, Bracknell, Windsor and Maidenhead): 0300 365 0123 Option 2
  • Reading:                                          0300 3654000  
  • Wokingham:                                   01189 495093
  • West Berkshire (Newbury):         01635 273706

We continue to offer appointments in clinics, at home or in your child’s educational setting. We are following NHS guidance and will wear correct PPE for any face to face contacts. 

If you have a scheduled appointment with one of our teams and either you or a member of your family have symptoms of Covid-19, please call to reschedule your appointment on one of the contact numbers above.

If your child/young person is not known to our service and/or currently waiting to access the service, please contact our Triage team for advice and support: 

Triage opening hours are Monday 9am-1pm, Wednesday 12.30pm-4.30pm and Friday 9am-1pm. 

If you would like some advice from your local early years’ speech and language therapy team (for pre-school children), you can also send an email to the team: 

Please include your child’s name and date of birth or NHS number in the email so that we can access your child’s records, along with the best telephone number to contact you on. It is also helpful if you can let us know the best day(s) to contact you. We aim for all families to be called back by a speech and language therapist within a few weeks, but it can take longer if lots of requests have been received.


We aim to support your child to become as functionally independent as possible and able to interact with their peers and environment so they can play, learn and take part in daily activities.

We do this by:

  • Providing you and anyone else involved in supporting your child (e.g. education staff) with training and advice
  • Providing recommendations, approaches and activities to support your child in a range of different environments
  • Providing advice and recommendations for specialist equipment (such as splints, sensory strategies, adapted cutlery, writing aids, specialist seating, and switches)
  • Contributing to Educational Healthcare plans and transition planning
  • Providing direct therapy with your child individually or in a group when needed.

We work closely in partnership with you, your family, education staff and a range of professionals to help your child achieve the goals that we have agreed with you.

Assessment and support

Once your referral has been received, it will be assessed quickly (triaged) by clinicians to see how we can best help. Often, it’s possible to give you advice over the phone so we’ll also discuss what might happen next as your child develops, and how and when to contact us again if further advice is needed.

If a clinic assessment is required, a letter will be sent to you offering an appointment at a clinic closest to you. It might be more appropriate for the assessment to be carried out at your child’s school or nursery, in which case this will be organised with you and the school/nursery.

At the assessment, we’ll discuss your concerns, take a brief history, and assess your child.  Much of this will be through observation, play and fun activities.

Sometimes there will be more than one clinician present, particularly if the assessment is for more than one type of therapy. We offer integrated assessments (joint sessions with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or speech and language therapist) where possible, to reduce the need for too many appointments. For physiotherapy assessment, your child might need to be partially undressed so wearing shorts and a vest might be more suitable than jeans and sweaters.

After the assessment, we’ll discuss the best way to reduce the impact of any difficulties that have been found. We’ll provide a report and suggested activities and/or exercises to be carried out at home and/or school. Further appointments will be offered as required. This might be either be one to one therapy or in groups.

If no further therapy is required at the current time, your child will be discharged with clear advice about when to return to the service for further support if required.

Please check our Support and Advice area of this website for any relevant self help techniques.

If you still wish to make a referral, please read the referral criteria so that we can ensure your enquiry is directed to the right area and follow the directions on this page.

If your referral is urgent, please call our HealthHub on 0300 365 1234.