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Willow House (Berkshire Adolescent Service)

About Willow House

Willow House is our inpatient mental health unit for young people aged 12 to 18 years. We provide intensive treatment for young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties, and who may no longer be able to receive the care they need at home or in the community.

We’ve developed specific treatment programmes for young people with severe and enduring mental illness, eating disorders, and problems in social and emotional development.

The team here at the Berkshire Adolescent Service has a wealth of experience in treating and supporting young people. We consist of nurses and support workers, consultant psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, and an art therapist.

The unit is on the site of Wokingham hospital, near Wokingham Station.

We also provide inpatient services to young people who don’t live in Berkshire if there’s no bed for them in their local area.

When a young person is admitted to the unit they'll be met by the nursing team, who will take them through the admission process, give information about the unit and what to expect, and answer any questions about their stay. A young person can be accompanied by their family or a carer who can also ask questions about the service and their stay. There will be some forms that the young person and their family or carer will need to fill in.

A member of staff will stay with the young person for at least a day after they arrive. This is so we can get to know them and support them during your first few days on the unit.

A Case Team will support them during their admission, and help them work towards being discharged from the unit. The team will include a nurse and your consultant psychiatrist and may include a family therapist and psychologist.

They will have regular meetings with their nurse and weekly meetings with their consultant. They may be referred for other work with our team such as psychology or art therapy if it is felt this is the right thing for them. We also run a programme of different psychological support groups.

If the care plan involves attending school, they will have classes from Monday to Friday in our classroom, which is in a building attached to the unit. Our teaching staff will liaise with the young person's school to make sure they can keep up their studies, and develop an educational support plan.

When the young person feels ready, we can arrange community work or work experience. We also have good links with the careers service and local colleges.

The young person will be given a copy of their care plan, and will be included in discussions about how they, their team and their family or carers can be supported towards their recovery.

Young people will be referred by their local CAMHS team. A member of the Willow House team will look at the referral and then make a decision about whether they can be admitted to the unit. If it is not felt that an admission is deemed appropriate at this time we will work with your referrer to consider alternative support.

The visiting times to Willow House are:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 6pm - 8pm 10am - 12pm 10am - 12pm
- - - - - 2pm - 8pm 2pm - 8pm


If it’s planned in advance, the patient will be able to spend time away from the unit with their family and friends. They will need to be back by 9pm as we work towards bedtime at 10.30pm. If they arrive back to the unit later than this they may be asked to return home until the next morning.

Feedback from the people who use our services is extremely important to us, as we use this information to improve what we do. There are a number of ways you can share your views on your experiences with us.

If you’re an inpatient using our facilities you can come to our Advocacy Group, which is held on the unit every two weeks. Feedback is anonymous, and will be shared with the team who can respond to any questions you have or issues you raise. If you’d prefer to do this one-to-one with a member of our team, we can arrange that.

When a patient is discharged from their inpatient stay they will be given a questionnaire to give us feedback on their experiences.