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Your Dementia handbook

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This “Dementia handbook for carers” aims to answer all the questions you may have if your family member has Dementia or the symptoms of it.

These might include:

• what can we expect in the future?
• do we need to adapt our home or even move?
• what’s the right way to support people when their memory is failing or their behaviour changes?
• what if they have to go into hospital?
• do we need to make any written decisions
• who can we turn to for support and advice?

As well as answering questions like these, the handbook also provides information about the services that are available to you in the west of Berkshire.

There are sections on day-to-day living, support, legal and money matters, an A–Z of symptoms and behaviours and a section on record keeping and updating relevant care documents.

Hard copies of the Dementia handbook are currently only available for patients newly diagnosed, or living with Dementia. These can be found in our Memory Clinics in Newbury, Reading and Wokingham.

Introduction to handbook About this handbook
Understanding dementia What is dementia? (pages 1-4)
Medication and treatment (pages 4-6)
Day-to-day living Planning ahead (page 1)
Being a carer (pages 2-4)
Family dynamics (pages 5-7)
Adaptations at home (pages 8-11)
Adaptations for behaviour (pages 12-15)
Tips for reducing stress (pages 16-17)
Everyday activities (pages 18-19)
Getting out and about (pages 20-23)
Caring for physical health (pages 24-26)
Hospital visits and stays (pages 27-28)
Preparing for difficult decisions (pages 29-35)
Support Finding the support you need (page 1)
Guide to who’s who (pages 2-3)
Health and Social Services (page 4)
Local support services (pgaes 5-10)
Transport (page 11)
Activities (page 12-14)
National organisations (pages 15-16)
Financial support (page 17)
Assistive technology (page 18)
Care, quality and safety (page19)
Legal and money matters Legal issues (pages 1-4)
Money matters (pages 5-9)
A–Z of symptoms and behaviours Dementia look-up guide (pages 1-20)
Glossary (pages 21-27)
Record keeping Contacts
Appointment record
Questions and concerns
Summary sheet for medical and care professionals
Medication record (renewing prescriptions)
Pain assessment
Services and support checklist