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Being a student at Berkshire Healthcare

Berkshire Healthcare provides excellent learning environments for a large variety of students. We support students to reach their potential and competence in the clinical placements, allowing them to experience a range of situations within community and mental health settings. We are highly regarded by our students and we welcome the student feedback to make our service even better.

Here's what our students say about us:

Aaron Pearson, a seond year adult nursing student at the University of West London, had his experience of being a student nurse published in the Nursing Standard.

1st year occupational therapy student, placed with Community Based Neurological. Rehabilitation Team Wokingham

The varied conditions and people that I had the opportunity to work with was one of the joys and most interesting aspects. I was able to see lots of conditions that the other members of the team had not even heard of, and it was a real learning experience. I had the chance to see a well-rounded view of occupational therapy, the functional rehab, the environmental adaptations and the large supply of resources and assessments.

The team that I was a part of was really good - they worked very well together and were very supportive. I also had the opportunity to shadow the other disciplines, such as physiotherapy and speech and language therapy. I also experienced a day on the stroke ward, where a lot of the referrals comefrom.

1st year occupational therapy student, placed with Reading Intermediate Care team

There were a large variety of patients with different conditions, such as stroke, dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I was able to shadow physiotherapists, nurses, and therapy assistants. I was also given time to spend a day with palliative care, community, and occuaptional therapy services. The team I worked with was supportive and helpful. 

2nd year occupational therapy student, place in with Oakwood, our inpatient rehabilitation unit

I was made to feel welcome by all members of each time and had valuable time with different practitioners in both settings, but with the supervision of an occupational therapist. I found that the pace of the community settings allowed me to feel challenged and out of my comfort zone, but with sufficient time to learn and not feel too anxious.

Student who was placed with our Community Mental Health Team in Slough:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my elective placement with Slough CMHT. I felt supported as a student and part of the team. I have witnessed a positive attitude and professionalism towards students from the team members. There were two other students on their final placement as well and they also gave some positive feedbacks regarding their experience as a student within Slough CMHT. On the last day of our training, the team had arranged a surprise lunch for us to celebrate finishing our training. This shows that the team really cares about student and always striving to give student a great experience. Being in such a conducive learning environment has made a positive impact on myself as a student nurse and future mental health nurse.

2nd year Student Nurse, placed with the Newbury’s District Nursing team.

“Quality care is provided at all times. I was with placed with lovely members of staff that always had the patients’ best interests as their priority. My mentor was very supportive and approachable and always answered the many questions I had. It was good to experience a community placement. I learnt lots about community nursing and it was interesting to experience how different it was to the hospital setting. I also got to spend time with podiatry and a specialist palliative care nurse which were good learning experiences.”

1st Year Postgraduate, placed with the Slough Health Visiting’s team

“I was given many opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge during this placement. My mentor and the rest of the team were supporting and professional throughout whole of my learning experience. Thank you so much.”

2nd Year Student Nurse, placed in Jubilee Ward, Upton Hospital, Slough

“Excellent quality services for patients. I have learnt how to promote the importance of patients' quality life and worked throughout different health professionals such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, district nurses, as my satellite placements. I have also improved my communication skills, medication and leadership management using equipment and which have enabled my professional development. These experiences gave me the knowledge of what is like being a community nurse.”

1st year Student Nurse, placed in Donnington Ward, Newbury

“Patients are at the heart of everything the nurses do, and everyone makes time for you. Questions are always answered, and nurses are great at explanation and challenging your learning.”

3rd Year Community Matron, placed in Bracknell

“All the nurses and health practitioners I worked with were excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this placement and it has made me want to go into community nursing. I was well supported by my mentor, who was excellent and gave me the opportunity to see a variety of services available in the community. I had a lot of one-to-one time with my mentor which allowed me to reflect on situations and ask as many questions as possible.”

3rd year Student Nurse, placed in Reading’s District Nursing team.

“The team has been excellent with their communication and they stepped in when needed, e.g. when a carer needed to be present for patient to be assisted with personal care post discharge from hospital, they got it arranged right away. They made me feel as a part of the team. I enjoyed my days out with different health care professionals who work in the community.”