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Equality and diversity

Our Commitment

At Berkshire Healthcare we passionately believe that being inclusive in our service provision and fair in our employment practice is integral to providing excellent customer service and is the backbone of our staff recruitment, retention and engagement.

Our core principles for equality, diversity and inclusion are encapsulated by the Mnemonic CARE:

  • Challenging unfairness
  • Appreciating difference
  • Respecting the individual
  • Everyone’s business.

We are also committed to improving access to services and improving the quality of services and the experiences of people using our services. We believe health care services should be built around the diverse, individual needs of patients and service users, rather than those individuals simply fitting into the services we offer.

Treating people in exactly the same way does not deliver equality for all. We need to ask, rather than assume, what staff and service users require. What works for some staff and service users, will not work for all.

Above all we want to make sure that equality and inclusion is everyone’s business.

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Stef Abrar, Equality and Diversity Manager

Tel. 01344 415647