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Key documents

We think that it is important to share our future plans and recent performance reports with you. The key documents below contain current information:

Annual Report

Our annual report provides information about our performance and progress from 2015/ 2016.

Please see our annual reports for previos years here:



Annual Plan Summary

Our annual plan summary outlines our plans for the year ahead, in line with our vision, values and goals.

Quality Improvement Strategy

Our quality strategy brings together all of the elements of work needed to help us achieve our quality goals and objectives over the next few years.

Quality Account

Our Quality Account describes the work that we do to ensure that our patients are safe, that they receive effective treatments and have a good experience of care with our services.

Operational Plan

Our Operational Plan highlights how we are going to implement our 2015-2016 strategy.

Report from the Council of Governors

Our summary report from the Council of Governors provides an overview of the key work and developments of the Council of Governors of Berkshire Healthcare since the last annual meeting.


Berkshire Healthcare's Constitution outlines the fundamental principles and established precedents that we abide by.

Sign up to Safety

We have joined the national Sign up to Safety campaign. Click here to see what the campaign means and how we will be using it to improve the safety of our patients.

Safe Staffing Levels

Our safe staffing levels show how many nurses and care staff should be working on our hospital wards at any one time.

For archived documents click here or read our report for December 2016

Board Papers

We hold monthly Board meetings to discuss our progress and identify areas of focus for the following month and beyond. These meetings are open to the public.

Papers from meeting can be viewed below. For archived documents click here or the tab to the right.

Board Papers - December 2016

Council of Governors Meetings

Papers from the latest meeting can be viewed below. For archieved documents click here or the tab to the right.

Governors meeting minutes - May 2016

Infection Prevention and Control

The Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report April 2014 - March 2015

Policies and Procedures

If you require copies of our policies and procedures for any of the following categories, please contact Linda Hartley, Governance Administration Manager -, 01344 415623.

  • Clinical care and risk
  • Organisational
  • Health and safety
  • Infection control


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