Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Healthcare from the heart of your community

Our leadership team

The Berkshire Healthcare Trust Board is made up of executive and non-executive directors who are responsible for setting and delivering our strategy and for ensuring we meet our legal and regulatory obligations. The Board also monitors our operational performance – in terms of patient safety and quality of care as well as financial sustainability.

NHS Foundation Trusts are locally accountable - primarily through the Council of Governors. This is made up of elected and appointed individuals to whom the non-executive directors are accountable for the performance of the Board.

At Berkshire Healthcare, we organise our services around the six areas of Berkshire, matching the local authority boundaries. This helps us to match our services to the populations we serve, and to work closely with our commissioners and local authority partners.

Our Locality Directors, who are responsible for the operational management of local services, work in partnership with Clinical Directors. Together they ensure that our local service delivery is informed by clinical knowledge and expertise with a clear focus on safety.

Our leadership team is made up of experienced, committed individuals – many of whom have significant experience as “front line” workers before moving into leadership roles.